char:flute part. does lydian at the front, alluring music. contrasting with light bouncy phrases with constant eighths pulsed. Strophic in spots. ritardando of the same melodic phrase with cute cadence.
summary:When it’s springtime, we should travel in nature, the flowers are blooming and birds are singing just like the beginning of love. I invite the person to talk about love and so forth with nature admiring. Finally, we should bring some berries home.
MOST VIVID IMAGES: fingers-intertwined.

added char/reminders: CONSTANT 8THS like young hearts. , TONAL AND MAJOR IN QUALITY. HEAR THE CONSTANT FLUTTERING OF BIRDS IN flutes and certain time the violin travels down the path like the lyrics.

char: minor, sparse accompaniment, recit like, waits on singer.
summary: compares lost love like a dead flower and their smile like the sun.Speaks of the torture of distance and wishing to fly to them like bird and makes an analogy between their travel back to each other with wounded doves.

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char: grows intense, has persisten refrain, vulnerable in each refrain(bookend, bookmark)
dramatic/operatic because of the turmoil of yearning.

la lune blanche
char:changes modes, lulling, lyrical, dreamy, uses violin , climaxing sequences. rising line switches hands.
summary: moon gleams in the woods and the trees sing and there’s a reflection off of the water. The calmness of night overcomes nature.the scene of night is seen and we are asked to dream and are told some happy occasion is to occur then.
char: long moderately soaring lines.

about: it’s time to go to sleep.
vivid images: wind weeps.

l’hiver a cesse
char: springlike lines, starts with piano, fast arpeggios in piano. voice begins music in certain spot. Contrasting section with less piano. Continues dreamy state with but with a distincter rhythm. summary: it’s the end of winter, and the light is the embodiment of heaven/joy. It’s finally the moment for fulfillment of love and the narrator asks for the seasons to change which they will embrace.

life has always been good and the season finally matches. I’m permanently happy, no matter the time, this time with a matching reason. dancing

char: sounds like light dancing a waltz.
vivid images: light dances. scalar motive at very end like the traveling thought of our imagination.
light creeps in before shining ever so bright.

en sourdine
faure/paul verlaine****
char: progressive use of figures, repeated piano rhythm that seamlessly changes. that pulls out 3 notes from gesture that follows voice that seems to seem to be a 2 voice duet against accomp.
at noon time, let’s be in silent, let’s get wild/free in the forest. when nightime comes, the nightingale will sing.
vivid image: of the pine and bushes.
char: dynamic marking of the action.
la mer est infinie(the sea is endless)
char:constant rhythm , and each line has leap and ebb and flow in each line. neighboring tones that seem to bob like the the water.
summary: compares thoughts and dreams that are endless to a sea that is endless. and the dreams take a journey with the waves, breeze, and foam, and gulls. the thought is like a feather being tossed and fro in the water.

char: water begins with a steady rate at the beginning. change of waves demonstrated by quality/TERRACED dynamics but not by rhythm. TERRRACED

faure/leconte de lisle
char: lydian mood, strophic, lullaby, ultimate romantic. uses very transcendental use of triplets which take out of rhythm of the rest of piece.
summary: compare her to a goddess and i ask her to kiss me so I can truly live and confess my love throughout.
il pleur dans mon coeur
debussy/ verlaine
char: *definitely hear the rain in high piano part* octave drops like falling droplets ,alternating thirds like raindrops, minor trilling figures in the piano sounds like rain with descending line and fast moving right hand. and when tempo it’s like the picking up of the storm. the thunder is the chromaticism.
summary: having utter sadness that is like rain and feeling so much pain yet not having no reason for it. Seemingly, being depressed for no reason.

characteristics: sounds like yelps and cries continued.
portamento at very end. represents the pain causing a person to give up.

char: tension and retraction. running line in piano. stepwise waiting while in repose. waits for singer. and has very low resting line, as piano ascends slowly but surely.
-text about relaxing is in low line.
char: couple of high lines always contrasted with one low line.

summary: offering my love to someone along with some fruit and such and I ask to lay with her as I hope to be refreshed. Right after,I ask to rest with her in bed, and to sleep because my partner is. What a night it was!

char: varying, changing tempo is like the reveling in the night before getting excited again, kind of demonstrates how they would breaks and go back at it.

en sourdine(1)
char: hear playfulness, full of pain staking octave jumps, calme that sits low at the beginning. extremely thin line with simple ornamentaion in right hand which stops at just pulsing a single note. repeats single note and triplet ornamentaition throughout the whole thing. disjunct with the voice as the voice remains recit like.super ethereal sames in close proximity until one major jump per 2 phrases. chromatic planing section .

at noon time, let’s be in silent, let’s get wild/free in the forest. when nightime comes, the nightingale will sing.

colloque sentimental
debussy/ verlaine
char: angular melody in piano, same note/recit like in voice. girls part introduced with excitement and glissando. it starts with full flourishing excitement that keeps building and yet the tolling of the man’s responses are empty and desolate. Yet the girl remains over emotional. Wide range.
summary: the story o ghost walking. the girl asks questions and the man barely responds and refutes any of her questions. Narrator comments about how they were alone and the hope she had for their love was defeated.
la flute de pan
debussy/ pierre louys
char: it’s like a child running up a hill, and stopping, and going back between the same chords. starts of soudning like jazz, starts midrange, includes word miele:honey. Speaks through the test rather quickly as the song develops. Weird ending notes. each line has running between but calm playing with only one insturments that. Stays on on starting on offtones or ending on them. has some off rhythm. super coloristic.
it melds and delves out of each other. displaced feeling and truly no sense of rhythm. ends with the same rushing. stop, falling. shifting weight figure. unsettling. hear shimmering of the flute, when in certain spots! 🙂 haha.
summary: being given an instrument that she learns how to play. It seems like an intimate moment that involves an instrument. She lied to her mother saying that she had lost her waistband but instead she’s out here playing her instruments as it has gotten pretty late.
henri duparc/ leconte de lisle

grass is soft and tired. I beckon phidyle to sleep on the grass with the bees and al of nature. I smell the great fragrance, birds, deers. I tell her to sleep just like a nymph and I will protect her. I breathe upon her body and decorate her hair with the flowers and such. I will brag about he to nature, and when the sun goes, I ask for her smile/kiss to keep me as I wait.

Oh Quand je dors!
franz liszt /victor hugo
char: kiri te kanawa
legato singing and long phrases.
emphasis on voice.
beatufiul ascending line it ascends on.

about: as petrarch was eternally infatuated with unattainable Laura, come by my beside as i sleep. If you breathe on/gaze upon/kiss me, all bad things shall fade, my soul should come alive, and I shall be changed.

Le paon.
char: my jam. le paon, begins all grandiose sets complete mood before the voice begins. as the piano repeats an ostinato. feels waltz like in spots. has typical figure.

summary: a peacock is so sure he will get maried but his girl doesn’t come and he is stood up. and yet he repeats the same routine again, learning nothing from the first time.

la manoir du rosemonde
duparc/robert de bonniaires.
sounds like a very dramatic song. sounds like traveling music. with many recit like stops. sounds like chase. Awkward pauses and buildups with exploration of the lower range of the piano.

I tell someone that love has bit me like a dog and that they are allowed to stalk me with OBSESSION n their horse. I tell them that they will see how arduous the path was for me without ever reaching Rosamonde’s house as I originally desired.

le grillon
ravel/jules renard
char:empty sparse, repetitive, hearing the paces of the insect. repeated slows down and waits. all interludes play . waits. very impressionistic. single note lines before going syncopatingly chordal. stays in midrange of piano. this waiting music.
summ: the insect(cricket) goes up to where he lives, and where he tends to it, and his travel arpound his abode(continued personfication of animals) . he finally descends into earth to be safer. Then we see the leaves standing straight up.
le reveil de la mariee
ravel/Michel Dimitri Calvocoressi
char:more agitating/urgent, sequences of phrases, strophic, doubling of voice in some spots has repetitive rhythmic motive of the same note(pedal-like throughout)
summary: I urge someone to awake and speak of 3 beatuy marks. I show them a ribbon of gold and ask them to marry me.
la bas vers l’eglise
ravel/Michel Dimitri Calvocoressi
char: high tessitura of piano. and starts off with a leap. slow. long vocal ascending lines.minor. all slowly ascend and come back down on last 2 or 3 syllables. includesrolled out chords that acts as a postlude.
summary: I talk about how there about the great people at a church. I magnify great the church is and it mind as well be angels.
quel galant
ravel/Michel Dimitri Calvocoressi

char: dance like
voice starts off acapella and ( and has a run to end with phrase), reminds me of j.s’s mother.

Ends with meandering traveling line.
has dance-like trippy figure to end it.
summary: I say to my dear lady, vassiliki that based on my stature, it should be a surprise that I want her although I’m so grand and glorious.

le bachelier de salamanque
Albert Roussel/Rene Chalupt
char: frantic, angular, glissandos, and modulates up, has same dancing figure, and switches to minor/alluring melodic line. meandering. Slows and rushes through. and on high note, declamatory recit,and then gliss.
summary: woman asks someone where are they going looking like zorro giving a serenade in the nightime,you will be made fun of for your cute attempts and be sent to jail.
poulenc/ louis aragon
char: first piano introduction is bridge-like minor scalar ascent.
soaring lines, changes color with voice’s line. Crazy beautiful piano ascents, chromatic planing. has only one period though it may have rests.

beautiful turn around melodies that go down a 5th.
elevates on midrange. with occasional soaring moments but not standing there. Goes to the ^3 of key often.
over a cross a bridge, I see wounded knights, seeing roses, castles, meadows, dancing fiancees, and I drank like a chilled milk. the river carries away thoughts figuratively. I recall crossing the bridges of france and remembering all that occured. Things I mention are the things that make up the fabric of france.

fetes galantes
poulenc/louis aragon
char: great extremes of range, 2 beats of intro and then lightning speed text. sounds like scream. virtuosic bouncy playing. traverses across the piano like nobody’s business

I see maquises, pimps, brats, and firemen. Then I talk about seeing words that are meaningless that are carried everywhere under the feet, backs of people, thrown here and there. I see gas, handcarts, fellows, 18 cart fools. I see poor girls in the wrong direction. I speak of the foolishness of life.

starts first few notes straight before glissandos down. minor, and haunting, and beautiful. ends with flying notes at end. HIgh but lazy lines that all end coming back down. None actually stay up. picardy third like ending(slightly cabaret in essence)
My room is like a cage, and I feel bothered by the sun and I have a lazy day, just wanting to smoke.
poulenc/ appollinaire
char: begins with minor figure, very melodic, piano and voice changes dynamics, goeds to high ^3. Has moments of urgency. random low bass notes when action picks up. Keeps 8ths and so on. keeps rain of sobsd going in the 8ths. moment of sequences rising up. goes into different modes of emotion seemlessly. and larger and larger leaps one after another. repetitive m3s/major 2nds with melody over it. has terraced music. sounds like film score after all have died. builds up in speed and tempo, still ominious. middle range. NO large leaps. stays in the lower timbre of the voice.
a song talking about a song. .
song about being sad about love and explaining that all of life has it’s good and bad times. examples include sailors, the sick, the joyful
la dromadaire
poulenc/ apollinaire

char: the rolling could speak of the reveling heat. melodic line comes out of the ROLLING INCESSANT texture that is driven so deep. sounds like someone getting dizzy. march like in voice and melody hand. and then switches to this hip hip hooray tonal line before returning back to minor.
summary: camels is the way a man travels around the world(4 of em). the speaker says he would do the same.

2. La Chevre du Thibet
char: piano and voice starts at the same time. piano finishes line. twice as melodic than dromadaire.
seems to wait for resolution. Minorish.
even & slow rhythm. light alternation feature. very tonal
the small bounces off of tonic. use of a limited range. mellow tempo. no key deviations. one small piano interlude.
ends on g minor chord. (oane page long)

about: the fleece of the goat and jason’s golden goat are wor1thless in price to my love’s haire.

3. La Sauterelle
char: faster than tibet.
20 seon ^2
higher melody
speech like. comes in with piano. has boom cha essence to and seems like it goes through once strophe.
seems to split into two voices(one low and one high) –
about: the grasshopper is for the john the baptist, which is what I want my poetry to be like. food for thought for quality people(extended metaphor to the max) low voice is the observant’s voice, while the high voice is the inner thoughts being expressed in a hopeful tone(begging)
4. Le Dauphin

char: sounds like play at the garden, and saying nanny nanny boo. or either the high leaps and deep dives of the fish .sounds like the waves of th eocean.
about: I look at the dolphins having fun in the water and I think about myself, seeing that I have moments of joy but the harsh bitter reality overrules. (sounds like the rush and chaos of life)

5. L’Ecrevisse
latin voice run. sounds suspecting and foreboding over someoneconds long.
ends ‘s fate. with natural descending line. portamento in voice but descending scale(like going backwards=descension)

about: my uncertainty is like a crayfish, where I go backwards, never pogressing.

6. La Carpe

char: very calm and present melody. has a calling melody. the most purposefully suspecting one that sounds like a mystery is to be solved with ostinato of a piano part. has piano prelude.

starts on monotone line then minor 3rd. sounds like small ripples in the water. with minor third to end it. we hear this dirgy music, static, where the water seems to just brush over the la carpe.

about: the ppol of water just levitates over a fish that seems to not be phased by it’s surroundings. Death misses it just as much as the life that passes over it.

char: pour quo is repeated in the beginning of every line. each line is angled similar until the end part of lines. starts off midrange then ascends, then comes lower line. Very chordal/homophonic accompaniment except in a few spots. seem to use whole tone often while ending with a perfect 4th in the voice.

about: i ask why do all the things around me care about me. nothing seems to charm me or pay attention to me.

General William Booth Enters into Heaven.
charles ives/ vachal lindsay
founder of Salvation Army, did Mission work started in London english.
-eventually its spread to the United states
-the poor people, criminals, prostitutes.
HIs followers: Hallelujah Army because of the religious fervor.
quotes: are you wahsed in the blood of the lamb-hymn. , hallelujah chorus?,

characteristics: drums are heard from the beginning. and tambourines-crescendo, dissonances about. tone clusters, puts on different dynamics and pronunciation.text painting in articulation, or diction. empathetic. uses trumpet like figures for blare. includes martial rhythm. the end is like other poor souls who need to be saved again. uses all innovation.
has Glory Trance=shouting(chaos/frenz which correlates)
Booth’s mission was coming to save.
he lists unpretty people
Everyone is washed and cleaned.
The change is described.
booth and jesus because he does a mission work.

Blessed virgin’s expostulation
Purcell/Nahum Tate
-from the harmonia sacra
char: repeats the word how like all is done in sweeter than roses, maintains an overall calm and seems to hold long nights(has the essence of dido’s lament) very word like, very trumpet like, repeats the same tone, undertoned by sparse harpsichord, light.repeats How a couple of times with purcell-like melismas.
Summary: Mother Mary worrying over her son, Jesus. She seems to give up on calling Gabriel. She asking how can she make it trough this misery. She is trying to stay constant God but facing internal doubt.
Sweeter than roses
Henry Purcell/purcell
from Pausanius
about: similar character, the running all. starts with AB two-section with lively second
char: she really musters the the sw- in sweeter. Has many small interludes. Voice moves much more than piano. Simple but has more momentum than expostulation. There is hope of joy than than the other one.

char: after kissing someone, everything is coming up roses.

silent noon
ralph vaughan williams/ Dante Gabriel Rossetti
char: the most catchy song, the one that Katie Faris. It has a traveling music, steady tempo and becomes more dramatic in the middle. Digs into the word”music/clasp/dower/hour/INARTICULATE” but not as Purcell’s song. Ring a round the rosy music. Moderate momentum. Not too rangy. Maintains calm.

about: everything is serene with mate chilling in the grass. I describe the pastoral scene around us as its perfectly still and quiet around us. Two people are held in entrancement in this moment and time where everything seems to stand still and become magical.

The vagabond
ralph vaughan williams/Robert louis stevenson.

very march like, clear delibarte alternation of notes. the storm like weather is painted by larger dynamics, firmer tone, and more climactic delivery for autumn, forstly and winter.
char: repeated text, burly character, strophic, give me…,strong beginning, traditionally baritone.
about: describing how much I prefer the life where I sleep in the bushes, dip bread in the river, and I would like to live. I don’t care for the weather changes, money, I’m okay being a loner. My only value system is God and my path with the beautiful landscape, pretty minimal.

roadside fire
ralph vaughan williams/
the roadside fire
rv. williams/ rob. louis stevenson
char: sounds like steady running pace, includes rollin wt scales. much more flowy,
legato, and majestic.

about: man talks about what he will make for his little girl(brooches, starshine). Speak of creating skies and land. I contrast two parts of the day. At the end, this very song is dedicated to her where I describe the roads(the lands) and the roadside fire(home)

Loveliest of tree
butteworth/ a e housman
char: starts off high. starts off with rubato rhythm. delicate.

The easter tree is personified like a lovely woman or livelihood with its typical scene/beginning but short-lived for the season. life is limited and so I will find the beauty of things no matter the time or day.

Is my team ploughing?
-the friend and the dead friend catch up on how things are going. the living man comforts the dead by letting them that all is fine and that they can rest in peace. the dead prods with deeper and deeper questions until the person narrates that he is the lover of the newfound “widow” of the dead. Using the theme of the beauty of the natural world, the poet is expressing the view that we should seize every opportunity to experience life in all its beauty. Because of its lighthearted tone (especially notable because of the riddle-like second stanza), this is an optimistic poem despite a reference to the shortness of man’s tenure in the world. The poem’s briefness, short lines, and simplicity remind us that life is short; they urge us to speed.
Let the florid music praise
Benjfaamin Britten/ Wystan Hugh Auden

char: starts like fanfare, allows for voice to go acapella like a solo trumpet. very straight tone, replicating piano part. then it ushers into the imagery filled verbs with very lyrical lines of the second section with slow,behind the beat movement piano which may end with solo repsonse of a line. However, the line leaves no breath with long solo lines. with resolutions to lean into.

about: it begins with praise to God, and the secondly concludes with pity for those who never get always seem to suffer and how they will eventually be on top. the breaking before his look may relate to britten’s lover.

as it is plenty

char: cheerful, snappy, purposefull dissonance, swift,
about: reflection of Auden’s distaste for the bourgeoisie, the biting satire of which Britten dresses up in a distorted pastiche of pre-war dance music———

about: talks about family giving thanks to God. However everything is not what it seems and everyone seems to pokes fun at praising despite all the fake smiles and falseness.

at day close in november
Britten/Thomas Hardy
char:begins with glissando, jazz harmony moments. occasional melisma like purcell. alternates from dissonant, diminished chords with no connected motion except with compound meter change. uncomfortable unsettling of the harmony with thick 9th harmonies. forte dynamic as soon as voice enters. glissando could sound like a growing tree.
2nd phrasing has soaring tenor melody. sounds like melancholy ring a round the rosey.
about: this speaks about the overgrown nature of thr ee. the pine trees now blacken the sky,all things are dark and dusk under the canopy. the children have no idea when it was created and to them it has always been there.
the choirmaster’s burial.
britten/thomas hardy
char: . hymn-like beginning. large recit part. nursery rhyme sound base don conjunct meody. sounds like tenderland moment turns in the melody with purcell melisma. 3 notequick rhythms that would move to other. then insistent pulsing. lack of piano is used for suspense. the higher timbre sounded like lute .
about: the choir dir. asked about the choir singing a certain song. There was dispute over the choice where it was preferred that there was no tune, which was sung when he was buried. the dead man didn’t expect this to happen. However, to the surprise of the vicar, it was a possibly imagined group around him singing as a group of angels which has now been a story told over and over again.
tom sails away
charles ives/ives.

char:: the millman music seems to arry more speedy momentum until the one note trail before alking of tom’s journey very high one voice starts off, without much sense of meter, jus tricklign like he seeping of amemory. Chromaticism is used for nostalgia/dreamy like state same harmony choices. The voice leads, the piano trails in, there is no definite choice. scenes from my child hood repeats. over there trails off like an echo.
about: he has a flashback as he’s in the backyard, he sees the garden, he imagines the town whistle, the train for th emilk, daddy, the millworker returning(americna scene) just like his childhood was , but since tom left for war, these memories are becoming more distant.

David Chatterton, “Devon Scene” (1942)

It has been suggested that the trees referred to in the poem are the trees that Hardy planted around Max Gate, the house that he built at Dorchester in Dorset. When Hardy and his first wife Emma moved into the house, the land surrounding it was mostly bare of trees. J. O. Bailey, The Poetry of Thomas Hardy: A Handbook and Commentary (University of North Carolina Press 1970), page 291.

According to The Early Life of Thomas Hardy (the authorship of which was credited to Hardy’s second wife Florence, but which was in fact mostly written by Hardy): “Some two or three thousand small trees, mostly Austrian pines, were planted around the house by Hardy himself, and in later years these grew so thickly that the house was almost entirely screened from the road, and finally appeared, in summer, as if at the bottom of a dark green well of trees.”

there came a wind like bugle
copland/dickinson. char: char: has energy leaps at the beginning of phrases. anxiousness by trilling of voice and short rests. huge leaps to represent the path of the wind, sudden changes of music, allows. the piano’s rhythm seems to trip to the halt and ending phrases on 2nds. one note accompaniment when alone. bugle like at the beginning about: the wind blew past a loud musicla instrument. shelter was taken. it says its path was through trees/fences/ rivers/. The irony of such a fierce wind, and the world still remains in one piece is painted here. “There came a wind like a bugle” is a poem by Emily Dickinson, in which she describes the menacing approach and intensity of a storm. Using the example of the storm, she makes this point: no matter what Nature throws at us, the world still endures. So despite the catastrophe we are left with a sense of wonder.
Going to heaven

char: as the music sustans, the accompaniment scurries quickly under her. catchy going to heaven rhythmic motive. Sounds like Cinderella music melody with fanfare trumpets leading off. acapella when it talks bout stopping the breath. It ascends and flies and when the melody rests, it seems to stay practically on earth.

about: she speaks how such act of “goign to heaven” is full of so much hype where they believe they will be wearing a crown, a robe without any definite proof. She says she’s happy that the current lost ones believe it, but she doesnt. shows how dickinson didn’t believe in a heaven.

st. ita’s vision.
barber/irish monks

char: running melody up the scale, has compound meter when talking about the baby, as if rocking him. and holds midrange notes. very homophonic piano piece, no true florid sections pretty full pino texture, mode change chords, sounds like coming up and down the hills. on high breast like o quand…

about: talks about mary being blessed with Christ, nursing the child, it beckons all angels to sing, as she continues mothering the child. silent noon aura.

if you were coming in the fall
char: high tessitura at it’s climax. MUST HEAR RECORDING 4664.
the Heavenly Banquet
barber/irish monks
char: homophonic evenly pased of the piano rhtyhm until the final inclusion of the bass. it seems to joyous playfulness of all the char’s state of mind. faster than st. ita’s vision. Sounds like a girl skipping. syncopation, and 2-3 lines layering in the chase. I would like beginning of phrases… uses some outlines of the triads.

about: it’s about the monk inviting everyone to their home which would include heaven’s peeps jesus, 3 mary’s,the three kings all just having a grand ol’ time with beer, and eating together.

char: first two chords. the motive of notes repeat and matches voice to a “T”. the music seems to giggle with dissonanct chords. starts off like a hymn, then turns around like a medium seance music. responses are choppy and highly dissonant. super short.The meandering vocal line matches the suspicion.
about: gossiping about edan messing around and having company to bed.
the desire for hermitage
char: sounds like desert music, voice comes in on the same tone. All of the melody travels up and down but returns and maintains same note. ^3 is the goal throughout. with melody seems to have continual sense of longin with a climax that still is followed by movement in the left hand. continual alternation that sounds like a compound melody and the bell toll before the neotonal center is lowered. the repeated note can represent the return to sameness/solitude.

about: A monk wishes to be alone,not being bothered, singing to God by yourself, just eating bread/water, goodness comes, and the monk believes that since they came here alone, they shall leave just the same.

for poulenc
ned rorem/ frank o’hara
char: sung by jonathan hoffman.
sounds a lot like poulenc. always seems to be walking. Doesn’t overwhelm the senses.
about: talks about his travels in paris, he describes the land, the people, the love and the aura.
about: talks about someones trip to paris, I speak of loneliness, the street names after musicians, and how sad/lonley paris is during the winter. Paris seems to personify Paris.
the lordly hudson
ned rorem/paul goodman.
char: sounds like waves of the water, climaxes like a storm, mostly minor, and changes of tempo, has the horseriding rhythm. long sustaining tones. speechlike, has 2 characters.

about: the person asks where he was when he really knew. I calm myself from overreacting.He asks if it leads to a pier in Europe/East His home may in Europe or so,, and self-talks trying to get himself. Words spoken are added to the description in specification of the Lordly hudson.

the lordly hudson
ned rorem/paul goodman.
char: sounds like waves of the water, climaxes like a storm, mostly minor, and changes of tempo, has the horseriding rhythm. long sustaining tones. speechlike, has 2 characters.

about: the person asks where he was when he really knew. I calm myself from overreacting.He asks if it leads to a pier in Europe/East His home may in Europe or so,, and self-talks trying to get himself. Words spoken are added to the description in specification of the Lordly hudson.

wm bolcom/ arnold weinstein

char: cabaret like. Seems to include an interesting scat.

everyone around this girl seems to singing amor to her. It’s as if everyone around knew how fabulous she was and said amor. As the story progresses, she ends up court where the judge said the same. However, even when she was passing the church, they were sing the same thing.

bolcom/arnold weinstein

char: sounded like broadway/show choir with big band and all.

about: the kindest and sweetest Crossdressing fake soprano was stabbed, and yet his way of life, he was a virgin.

if you were coming in the fall?
jake heggie
char: begins with a simple song chord to begin it. then it has bumblebee buzzing sounds . sounds like a journey. chunky. very higher, no where near mezzo. music sound likes a swing, and stops with Bernstein(simple song) chords. Repeated phrases of the vocal line. simple accompaniment. disjunct movement. with M3 being intoned. piano is mostly homophonic withg the voice.
about: I tell someone that if they would be coming in the next season(fall) I would be done with summer, if a year,forget about all these darn months, if centuries, I’d try to rush time in any case it was. But since I don’t know when I’ll see you again, it ikills.

This is a poem about love, time and separation. It is addressed to and is about someone who is away. The usual assumption is that the speaker is a woman, because of the domestic metaphors (the housewife and the fly, the balls of yarn), because the writer was a woman, and, I think, because it is traditionally women who wait.