Who is it by?
What language is the song sung in?
Scottish Gaelic
What 2 genres are collaborated in this piece?
US Rock
British Folk

What instruments featured in the piece are:

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i) US rock instruments
ii) British folk instruments 

i) synthesizer, bass guitar, drum kit
ii) voice, fiddle, accordian, Uillean pipes, Bouzouki 
What does the title mean in English?
My Father sent me to a house of sorrow
What is a waulking song?
Songs led by one person(telling gossip/news) with the others responding (with nonesense words) to keep the rhythm whilst beating tweed to make it waterproof/windproof.
What is the time signature?
12/8- compound time 
feels like 6/4 in bass and drum kit creating cross rhythms in intro and verses 1-3
What is the tonality?

E minor 

verses 1-3 = Em
verses 6-4 = C maj
verse 7 = Am
verse 8 = C maj

vocal tune based on pentatonic scale 

moderate- not marked on music
terraced (each section different)
Begins quietly
higher pitch = louder dynamics 
louder when full band playing 
wurlitzer piano sound (created on another synth) 
Played/sung octave lower that written (voice bouzouki and wurlitzer piano)

cross rhythms at start (cos of time sig)

syncopation in vice du to rhythm of words- melysmatic (more that one note for one syllable)


chord patterns: melody stays the same but is harmonised three ways

v1-3 = Em / G
v4-6, 8 = C / G / Em C / G

v7= Am9 / Em9 / Em C/ G 

polyphonic at start
mostly homophonic from V4 
musical features?

melodic devices: repetition, call and response between synth and bouzouki at start, improvised feel to violin, interplay between violin and pipes in V6 and outro


Cluster chord played on synth at start (all notes of chord close together on keyboard) 

melody and form

main melody sung all the way through with slight variation in V4 6 + 8

each verse made different by different instruments, diff. chords, use of instrumental break, interplay between instruments and use of N.C. (no chord- backing stops)

Strophic song (multiple verses)
v1-8 (short instrumentals in V 1 + 6) 

*bouzouki sometimes picks, sometimes strums

*fiddle used more as a sound effect tha melody eg plays tremolando in intro – later plays in harmony with uillean pipes in V6 instrumental
*synth marked ‘with modulation’ at start = wobble 

*hi-hat played with brushes