When was SAI founded?
June 12, 1903
WHERE was SAI founded?
University School of Music, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Who were the 7 founders?
Mary Storrs Anderson, Norah Crane Hunt, Frances Caspari, Georgina Potts, Elizabeth A. Campbell, Minnie Davis Sherrill, Leila Farlin Laughlin
What is the governing body of SAI?
The National Convention
The voting delegates are
1 delagate from each college and alumnae chapter and all members of the National Officers Conference who are in attendance.
Who/What conducts Fraternity Business between Conventions?
The National Executive Board
The National Executive board consists of what nine offices?
1. President 2. Vice President, Alumnae Chapters 3. Vice Pres, College Chapters 4. VP, Extension and Fraternity Development 5. VP, Finance 6. VP, Membership 7. VP, Ritual and Fraternity Education 8. Chairman, Board of Directors, SAI Philanthropies, Inc. (Appointed officer) AND 9. Executive Director (Staff Officer)
Who is the National President of SAI?
Elizabeth Nordling
Who is the national Vice President, Extension and Fraternity Development?
Anna Ratliff
Who is the National Vice President, College Chapters?
Yvonne M. Glass (“Oh Yvonne??! That’s a French-ass name!!)
Who is the National VP of Alumnae Chapters?
Leslie Odom Miller
Who is the National VP of Finance?
Daryle J. Gardener-Bonneau
Who is the National VP of Membership?
Sarah M. Mason
Who is the NVP of Ritual and Fraternity Education?
Deborah Volker
Who is the Chairman for SAI Philanthropies, Inc.?
Darlene Johnson
Who is the Executive Director of SAI?
Ruth Sieber Johnson
What is the name of the Fraternity Journal?
Pan Pipes
At the beginning of the 2008-2009 school year, how many active college chapters were there?
” “active alumnae chapters
” “total initiated membership
108, 078
How many active members are there?
approx. 8,249
How much is the National training fee?
Fifty dollars
When is the national training fee due?
At the time of the pledging ceremony
When is the National Initiation Fee due?
At the time of the National Examination
How much are National dues for a full year?
How much are National Dues for a half-year?
At what time is the Regulation Badge (included in the National Initiation Fee) paid for?
Time of the National Exam
How much is the 10k gold semi crown set pearls badge?
How much is it for a 10k full crown set pearls badge?
What is the name of our province?
Who is our province officer?
Sarah Mattison
List the names of active college chapters, both the chapter and the name of the school.
Ithaca College Epsilon June 4, 1909
Eastman School of Music Sigma Theta 1/16/1925
SUNY Fredonia Delta Lambda May 24, 1964
Edinboro University, Zeta Upsilon, November 31, 1976
List the Active Alumnae Chapters in our province
Buffalo April 29, 1952
Rochester April 5, 1930
What are the 4 types of Distinguished Membership?
1. Member Laureate
2. Honorary Member
3. Friend of the Arts
4. National Arts Associate
Briefly summarize each type of Distinguished Membership
1. Member Laureate: a member who was initiated in college and has achieved international distinction in the music profession. 2. Honorary Member: WOMEN who have established and maintained a national or international reputation for their contributions to music. 3. Friend of the Arts: Man OR Woman with an interest in, support of, or active participation in the arts locally or regionally.
4. National Arts Associate: open to men and women who are known nationally for their contributions to the arts.
Name 5 Distinguished Members
Jessye Norman, Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, Leontyne Price, Marilyn MASON, and Libby Larsen
What are four awards that may be awarded to an individual chapter?
1. National Collegiate Chapter Achievement Award 2. National Alumnae Chapter Achievement Award 3. Alumnaue Service Awards, named after Annelle Chandler McAdams 4. Music Education Award
Name 5 fraternity awards that may be awarded to an individual member
1. Rose of Honor, 2. Rose of Dedication, 3. Rose of Constancy 4. Sword of Honor and Patroness Sword of Honor 5. Wreath of Achievement
List the 7 PURPOSES of Sigma Alpha Iota
1. To FORM chapters of women college and alumnae students with a sincere interest in MUSIC
2. To UPHOLD the highest standards of music
3. TO FURTHER the development of music in America and throughout the world
4. TO GIVE inspiration and encouragement to members
5. TO ORGANIZE the cultural life of Sigma Alpha Iota members as a contributing factor to their educational growth.
6. TO SUPPORT the ideals and goals of the member’s Alma Mater
7. TO ADHERE to the highest standards of citizenship in school, community, and fraternity life.
list 5 Priveleges of membership, as written in the manual.
1. TO HAVE CONTACT with musicians all over the world
2.TO MAKE FRIENDSHIPS with many Sigma Alpha Iotas who share the same ideals
3. TO BE ENCOURAGED to seek the highest goals in personal development and professional stature
4.To WEAR the badge as an INTRODUCTION to all Sigma Alpha Iota college and alumnae chapters everywhere
5. To meet and know the nationally recognized musicians and supporters who are honorary members
List 3 RESPONSIBILITIES of membership
1. To represent the fraternity positively AT ALL TIMES
2. To be ethical AT ALL TIMES
3. To practice the high ideals of Sigma Alpha Iota AT ALL TIMES
Describe the SAI hazing policy on Hazing and Pre-Initiation Activities.
SAI does not haze-it CONDEMNS THE HAZING OF PROSPECTIVE INITIATES. SAI recognizes and affirms that the pre-initiation period is a time for education, inspiration, and dedication for the candidate, and a time for the promotion of professionalism, ethics, and dignity through exposure to the privileges and responsibilities of membership as shown by our college and alumnae members. Hazing is defined as “any action or situation that recklessly or intentionally endangers mental or physical health or any action taken or situation created which produces mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule.” Any such activities and situation include, but are not limited to, road trips, public wearing of apparel which is conspicuous and not normally in good taste, engaging in public stunts, and late work sessions which interfere with scholastic activities.
What is a Patroness Member and what does he or she do?
Patrice is a patroness member! And she is a woman who is actively interested in musical affairs of the community, the endeavors of the college or alumnau chapter, and the purpose of the frat. She is a fully-initiated member of the fraternity and may participate in any fraternity activity exclusive of voting and holding a major office. She provides a strong connection between the school and the community through her helpfulness to the chapters
What is an Alumnae Chapter?
A chapter of former college and patroness members in the community chartered by the fraternity who have taken the special fraternity education course.
What’s an International Chapter and who can affiliate with it?
An International Chapter is for fraternity members who wish to keep in close contact with the fraternity but who reside in 50 miles or more from a chartered chapter.
What are the projects of SAI Philanthropies, Inc (the charitable Arm of SAI)designed to do?
These projects are designed to:
-promote all aspects of music creation, performance, and scholarship
-encourage service for and through music on the campus, in the community, in the nation, and throughout the world.
List the Grants that Chapters may apply for
1. Impact Project Grants 2. Chapter Outreach grants:
-Music Therapy grants
-String Grants
What are 3 examples of philanthropic projects that benefit individual Fraternity members?
1. Summer Internship at the Kennedy Center in Washington
2. Summer Music Scholarships
3. Doctoral Grant
What is the name of the SAI cottage at the MacDowell Colony?
Pan’s Cottage
Describe the Inter-American Music Awards
Every 3 years SAI holds a composition competition, established 1948 and open to composers who wive in North, Central, and South America. The winning composition gets premiered at the Frat’s national convention and published by C.F. Peters Corp. in its special SAI Inter-American Music Awards Series. In support of contemporary music. Lots of dudes have won it.
Write out the words for the SAI Chorale, dotting all the i’s, crossing the t’s, and getting every punctuation mark
Daughters of a great and singing nation, Let your voices rise in dedication,
Music tells unspoken noble creeds; Music beautifies the simplest deeds: Sing we now to Sigma Alpha Iota.
Sing the greatness of the soul and spirit, Sing the joy of peace and friendship’s merit, Music is a kind and truthful speech; In a language out of mere word’s reach, Sing we now to Sigma Alpha Iota.