In record status on the AMEK the large fader is the
channel path
Pressing LCRS on the AMEK will assign the large fader to the
stereo bus
The EQ on the AMEK can be split between
the monitor and the channel path
On the AMEK, pressing____48tk in the routing matrix will allow it to receive its signal from the small fader
. On the AMEK, can the filters be put in the monitor path?
How many aux sends on the AMEK
How many inputs does the AMEK in studio A have
How many inputs does the AMEK in studio A have
What button do you push on the AMEK to get the monitor fader to receive signal from the routing matrix?
9. On the SSL 9000J___is the channel fader
small fader
On the SSL 9000J in mix status_____is the channel fader
Larger fader
On the SSL 9000J in record status____feeds the routing matrix
small fader
On the SSL 9000J in mix status_____feeds stero bus
the large fader
Pressing the SF mix switch on the SSL 9000J will assign
the small fader to the stereo bus
On the SSL 9000J, can the small fader and large fader on the same I/O can be assigned to the routing matrix at the same time
If you are recording to a 24 track MTR using a 48 buss SSL 9000J console which has 96 I/Os how many aux send outputs would you find on the patchbay
On the SSL 9000J SIF stands for
solo in front
The SSL AWS 900 has how many busses
The SSL AWS 900 had how many analog channels
How many DAW channels does the SSL AWS 900 have
How many dedicated aux sends can be used per channel strip on the SSL AWS 900?
on the SSL AWS 900_____ & _____ are stored as SysEx data
recall and automation data
You can edit plug-ins from the SSL AWS 900
What are the 3 input modes for the SSL AWS 900
mic, line, instrument
What does the (To s/ch) stand for one the duality
to side chain
How many busses does the duality have
What does VHD stand for on the duality
variable harmonic drive
How many hard groups are on the duality
Does the duality have A to D converters
How many stereo busses does the duality have
Ribbon mics______ use 48v phantom power
may or may not
What is being changed when the two plates move on a condenser mic
If you want one cycle at 100 Hz, how far away should you place your mic
Proximity effect states that the farther you get away from a mic
lose low end
MS micing requires what two kinds of mics
cardiod and bi-directional
XY Stereo is what type of micing technique
Which mic placement do you make a copy of to decode
If a mic is 1 foot form a guitar amp how far should the second mic be from the first mic
3 feet
What are three micing techniques that are coincidental
How many degrees and how many centimeters apart should the mic capsules be placed for
110 degrees, 17cm
When recording a snare at 12db, what would the best type of mic be
When checking phase, if you have a loss of____you are out of phase
low end
. What is phase measured in?
When checking polarity should you be in mono or stereo
What types of mics are most popular for drum overheads
What are the two pieces of a modular guitar amp
cabinet, head
Can a combo and be plugged into another speaker cabinet
A D.I. box changes the signal form
high impedance to low impedance
. What is the most popular mic for micing a snare drum
Name three types of D.I.’s.
If you want a bright sound from a guitar amp, where should you typically place the mic
At the Center of the speaker cone
If you want a dark sound from a guitar amp, where should you typically place the mic?
At the Edge of a speaker cone
What are the two settings on a guitar amp that make distortion
input gain and output gain
What are the three types of guitar sounds
you____use a orange head with a marshall cabinet
What are the adjustments that are typically on a condenser mic
rolloff, pad, polar pattern
Who invented Blumlein
Alan Blumlein
What types of mics are required to set up Blumlein
two bi-directional
When using the XY micing technique, the mics should be placed at a
90 degree angles
Microphones are matched by
Bruce Botnick stated that in choosing microphones, especially at it relates to Decca Tree
score determines what he needs/uses.
According to Wyn Davis, he looks for an assistant engineer who feels pride in the
abiltiy to facilate the session
What does MSRP stand for
manufactuer suggested retail price
What percent of the recording cost is recoupable
What percent of the music video is recoupable
How many cents does apple keep for a $0.99 cent download
What does the SR stand for in SR copyright
sound recording
What does PA stand for in a PA copyright
performing arts
What is the most important number to get from the label before you invoice
purchase order number
Does a spec deal require the artist to spend his or her own money
Who pays touring costs
the label
. What does the LLC protect you from
losing your assets
An 1176 LN black face is what type of compressor
peak limiter
An LA2A is what type of compressor
leveling amp
What device can reduce the noise floor
noise gate
What are the three parts of a parametric EQ
. If you have a 5 to 1 compression ratio and you have gone 5db over the threshold how many db get through
1 db
If you are compressing a vocal heavy and the overall volume is low, what parameter should you adjust
make-up gain
If you are looking at the analog meter on a compressor and it is moving from right to left, what are you metering
Gain reduction
A sudden and usually unwanted deep gain reduction is called
What are the two basic parameters on a de-esser
frequency & range
On a gate what does the range adjust
amount of attenuation
Reverb time is
the length of time it takes for sound to decay within a space
The _____ parameter emulates objects in a room
Pre-delay is the
length of time between the original signal and when the reverb is heard.
Pre echo is
the first reflections of nearby boundaries
Microphones, pickups, speakers, and transducers
take signal of one type of energy and
convert it to another form.
Delay time is the
length of time between the original signal and when the initial repeat
is heard.
The percentage of output routed back into the input is
Adjust the depth, speed, and delay time parameters on a digital delay creates
chorus and flange
At a BPM of 132, a quarter note triplet delay would be
303 milliseconds
At a BPM of 127, a dotted eighth note delay would be
354 milliseconds
When recording bass guitar, Frank Filipetti uses both a
Microphone and a D.I.
Jerry hey always has three____when recording horns