In record status on the amek, the large fader is the _________ path.
Pressing ______ on the amek will assign the large fader to the stereo bus.
The eq on the amek can be split between the monitor and channel path. T or F.
On the amek, pressing ________ in the routing matrix will allow it to receive its signal from the small fader.
Mon 48tk
On the amek, can the filters be put in the monitor path?
How many aux sends on the amek?
How many inputs does the amek in studio A have?
What button do you push on the amek to get the monitor fader to receive signal from the routing matrix?
On the SSI 9000, the ______ fader is the ______ fader.
Small, channel
On the SSI 9000 in _______, the large fader is the _______ fader.
Mix status, channel fader
On the SSI 9000 in ______ status the _______ fader feeds the _________.
Record status, small fader, routing matrix.
On the SSI 9000 in ____status, the _______fader feeds the _______.
mix status, large fader, stereo bus
Pressing the ______ switch on the SSI 9000 will assign the small fader to the stereo bus.
SF Mix
On the SSI 9000, can the small fader and large fader on the same I/O be assignted to the routing matrix at the same time?
If you are recording to a 24 track MTR using a 48 buss SSI 9000 console which a 96 I/Os, how many aux send outputs would you find on the pathbay?
On the SSI 9000 SIF stands for…
Solo in front
The AWS 900 has how many busses?
The aws 900 had how many analog channels?
How many DAW channels does the aws 900 have?
As many as the DAW can handle.
how many dedicated aux sends can be used per channel strip on the aws 900?
Recall data and automation data on the SSl aws 900 are stored as _____ data.
You can edit plug-in’s from the aws 900? T or F.
What are the 3 input modes for the aws 900?
mix, line, instrument
What color light is for instrument?
What does the (to s/ch) stand for on the duality?
Side chain
How many busses does the duality have?
What does VHD stand for on the duality?
Variable Harmonic Drive
How many hard groups are on the duality?
Does the duality have A to D converters?
How many stereo busses does the duality have?