Region 21 President
Denney Whitley
Region 21 Vice President
Louis Robinett
Region 21 Secretary
Tommy Corley
Region 21 Band Chair
Mike Bullock
Region 21 Orchestra Chair
Julie Simpson
Region 21 Vocal Chair
Tommy Corley
Region 21 Elementary Chair
Jo Glover
Region 21 College Chair
Thomas Mensch
Region 21 Jazz Coordinator
Jason Noyes
Region 21 MS Band Coordinator
Bene Davis
Region 21 MS Orchestra Coordinator
Lisa Lininger
Region 21 MS Vocal Coordinator
Rachel Lockard
What is our region?
What Area are we in?
What regions are in area C?
3, 4, 21, 25
How many total areas are there?
How many regions are in each area? How many total?
4, 28
What is the hardest region to get into All-State? Why?
3 and 25, because they are in the Dallas/Longview area
What is Gerrymandering? What is an example of it?
to divide the constituencies of (a voting area) so as to give one party an unfair advantage, Region 4
Types of TMEA membership? (6)
Active, Honorary life, College students, Sustaining, Institutional, Retired
Who is on the executive board of TMEA?
President, President-elect, Immediate past President,the 5 Vice Presidents/Division chairs, and the Executive Director
When are elections held?
Every two years, on even-numbered years
Reasons for the inclusion of music in the curriculum (8)
*To be in line with state guidelines

*To provide students with the education in which they are entitled.

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*To provide students with culture and open the window to the culture of others.

*To provide students with an outlet for musical expression.

*To provide a tool for teaching math, language, science, social studies, and other disciplines across the curriculum

*To provide a reason to stay in school

*To provide skills necessary to compete in the business world.

How do the students who studied music in High School do on their SAT’s in relation to students who did not study music?
Students who studied music scored 35 points higher,whereas students who did not study music scored 58 points less than the average Texas state average scores.
How did students who studied music/arts for 4(+) years do on the SAT in comparison to students who did not study music at all?
Students who studied music/arts 4(+) years scored 114 points higher
What is the UIL form 1?
UIL Eligibility/Certification form
What is UIL form 4?
UIL Concert Entry Blank and Comment Sheet
What is UIL form 6?
UIL Solo-Small Ensemble
UIL form 8?
UIL Medium Ensemble
UIL form 9?
UIL Certification Form
Who is the TMEA State Level President?
John Gillian
TMEA Past President
Ross Boothman
TMEA State Level Band Division VP
Ronnie Rios
TMEA State Level Elementary Division VP
Michele Hobizal
TMEA State Level College Division VP
Keith Dye
Patrick S. Gilmore
First great American bandmaster who was the “father of Concert band.”
John Philip Sousa
Most famous Bandmaster
Five factors of Sousa’s Popularity and Influence
*Gave the public music they wanted to hear-believed that band was for entertainment instead of education.

*Was musical genius that composed marches that had tremendous appeal to audiences throughout the world.

*First bandmaster to make use of the radio and recordings and reaching larger audiences.

*Because orchestras were not as popular, professional bands were at their high point until the Depression.

*Entirely changed the band, adding more woodwinds and less percussion (yay!!)

List some popular bands of the 21st century!
*Army Band
*Navy Band
*Marine Band
*Air Force Band
*US Army Field Band
*University of Illinois
*Dallas Symphony Orchestra
*and many more!! 😀
Why was the University of Illinois Band significant? Who got it started?
It was the first to introduce a concert band in school, Albert Austin Harding
What kind of players did not prefer Sousa? Why?
Classical Players because he was very tempramental.
Who are the prominent bandmasters over the years?
*Edwin F. Golden
*Hubert F. Clarke
*Henry Filmore
*Arthur Pryor
George Ives
Youngest bandmaster in the Union, his band called the best in the army.