What is Program Music?
instrumental music written that references something outside itself.
What Is Absolute music?
Instrumental Music that references only itself.
What form is used in the Romantic era?
There is an importance of sonata. Form becomes a tool for expression.
Explain Miniature compositions.
convey a particularly emotion, momentary and undeveloped.
Intense and intimate.
Explain Rubato
Music where the rhythm is handled freely
What are some characteristics of Romantic Melody?
Extreme Range
Dramatic Build
irregular phrase structure
Romantic Harmony?
Exploration of new chords
Romantic Timbre
Viewed as equal importance to other elements
instruments advanced technologically
larger orchestra
new combinations of instrumentation
A necessity because of the larger orchestra
Romantic Form
Still importance of Sonata form
becomes a use of expression
Miniature Compositions
short compositions that convey a pointed emotion
and undeveloped
each piece is an individual unit
Grandiose Compositions
Ex. Wagner RIng Cycle
Thematic Transformation
Theme Develops across a single piece
Dramatic Alterations to themes
Program Symphony
symphonies with an extramusical element
Hector Berlioz wrote what program symphony?
Symphonie Fantastique
Symphonie Fantastique
Autobiographical fantasy
opium induced
audience members received full program explanation
Explain the program of Symphonie Fantastic
A young lovesick musician gets depressed and poisons himself with opium. The drugs aren’t strong enough to kill him so instead he trips balls and has crazy visions. The chick hes into is referenced as an annoying melody called the “idee fixe” that keeps coming back.
What is the “Idee Fixe”?
means “obsession” used to represent the musicians lover in Symphonie Fantastique
Stuggles to reach the highest pitch
is transformed throughout each movement
Symphonie Fantastique Movement 5 “Dream Of A Witches Sabbath”
Larghetto Allegro
use o mutes
Idee Fixe appears in a jig rhythm in an Eb clarinet
Burlesque of the Dies irae
Witched round dance “Fuge”
dance combined with the dies irae