*art song*

for voice and piano

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poetry is often of love or nature

strophic or through composed

collections are called Song Cycle


the Erlkonig



town in Germany where Wagner built his opera house.

the town hosts a yearly Wagner festival each summer called "Bayreuth"

*program music*

instrumental music with a program, story, idea, poem, or scene attached


Symphonie fantastique (Fantastic Symphony)

4th movement: "March to the Scafford"

*symphonic poem*

one movement piece of program music

"invented" by Liszt


The Moldau



"realism" everyday characters and situations


La Boheme


musical theme associated with a person, object or emotion.


plural = Lieder


German art song
a light piece; ment to bring peace and serenity found in night.




through composed

several verses of text to one set of music; like a hymn



new music for every verse


German; friend of Schumann

played piano at tavern

edited Baroque and Classical manuscripts

"Shadow of Beethoven"

Not happy with his own music

master of theme and virations

died from cancer at 64



family wanted him to be a doctor

studied at the Paris Conservatory

he was fascinate with Shakespeare and fell in love with a Shapespearian actress, Harriet Smithson; they eventually wed


polish mother, french father and very shy

liked smaller setting thing b/c of shyness

atteneded the Warsaw Conservatory; child prodigy

38ish died from TB; was small man

pieces use damper pedal and rubato

love interest-George Sand(pin name of a woman)



Hungarian showman

practied 8-12 hours a day; toured Europe as pianist and conductor

fimiliar with Paganni’s violin pieces and transcribed them

found new ways to exploit the piano

thematic transformation ;invented; symphonic poem



came from wealthy German family

fine pianist at 9 composing at 13

was a Bach revivalist; conducted on of the first performances of Bach’s St Matthew’s Passion since his death

died at 38 had several strokes?

wife and 4 kids



succeded Verdi for Opera

Mulan Conservatory

verismo and exoticism

La Boheme – verismo

Madame Butterfuly, Japanese, adn Turnadot, Chinese – exotic


Born in Vienna; master of the German Lied

;When I finish one if begin on the next one;

Schubertiads – little parties he threw to showcase his music

died at 31
;Shadow of Beethoven;


autobiographical; father was a book seller

Founded the New Journal of Music

virtouso pianist; injured his finger with strengthening device he invented

;Don’t worry I can compose without my finger"

Married Clara Wieck

went mad and tried to kill himself but failed; he was put in a mental institution and died there

Brahms helped Clara with the kids after his death


Czech nationalist-founder

The Moldau is 1/6 of a Symphonic cycle about his homeland


Nutcracker and 1812 Overture

most famous Russian composer

St. Petersburg Conservatory

Madame von Meck – Patron

1891 conducted one of the inaugural concerts of Carnegie Hall

famous for ballets:

Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty


Italian Opera composer

Voice was main focus

Italian Nationalist

when wife died he didn’t want to compose any more

used some Shakespeare


German opera composer

self-taught; was rebel-drank, gambled, lots of debts

wrote music and libretto

married Liszt’s daughter, who was already married