The focus of the music of the Romantic Ages was too?
Stressing the emotion, imagination, and individuality,of these time was the?
The essence of the composer of the Romantic Ages was to convey?
Composer, artist,and writers used what for there works?
The topics come from?
dreams,fantasies, and the supernatural emerge from?
This german composer started in law, suffered with his right hand rendering him unable to play and became an exclusive composer.
Robert Schumann
This french composer had a polish mother,stuied in poland Warsaw Conserative, wrote exclusively for piano 3-5 min minature pieces.
Fredric Chopin
Night music, lyrical piece,soft and quiet, and technical less demanding
Most beloved subject was?
Solo piece for piano or vocal?
Art Song
(blank) was set to music?
Type pf music that is equally important to words,and used to create mood and tell a story?
Art sonG
Style with the same music for each verse is?
Different music for each verse is what style?
Through Composed
Accomplished pianist,performed here husband music and became a composer
Clara Wieck Sahamana
Dance, Mazuka and polonaise was 3 categories of what composer?
Technical piece designed to teach a specific skill?
Hungarian composer consider the virtuoso pianist, performed tours.
Franz Liszt
Liszt created a one movement symphony like composition called?
Tone Poem
Music used to tell a story, relate and idea or express a feeling?
Program music
To fully appreciate the intent of a piece you needed what?
Non-programed music written to stand alone” listening music”?
absolute music
Composed to fit a program,movement have titles and own theme?
Program symphony
French composer, begin in medicine becoming engross in music
Hector Berlioz
These composer music was outrageous not well received, added instruments such as tuba basson and percussion to orchestra
recurring theme, to represent the same idea each time?
Idea Fixe
Berlioz created a one movement independent piece designed for the opening concert 10-15 min long with several short piece helps audience settle?
Concert Overturn
Russian composer, studied music at 21, married at 37, and was suicidal?
Peter I Tchaikoisky
These composer was consider a classical traditionalist who followed the ideals of the Classical Period?
Johannes Brahms
Erlkonig aka the Elf King composed by what composer?
Robert Schubert
Flucation of tempo for expressive purposes
Nocturne in E flat is composed by?
Berlioz composed a 4 movement piece idee fixe called
Symphonic Fantastique
Romeo and Juliet composed programmatic concert overture
Creator of tone poem?
Hector Berliz composed a 4 movement piece called
Symphonis Fantastique
A bohemian composer founder of the Czech nationl movement ill by 50 causing him to go deaf and eventually insane, died at 60
Berich Smetana
Potical movement to unify peopls of one country, sought to give there music a national idenity