country music
regional music made national, roots in south & west
categories of country music

1 – Hillbilly (1920’s)

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2 – Western Swing ; Cowboy songs (1930’s)

3 – Bluegrass (1940’s)

4 – Nashville Sound (1950’s)

5 – Contemporary Country (1970’s)

contemporary country

– pop country/country rock

– hard country (neo-traditionalists)

– mixed country (a fusion of the two), also called middle-of-the-road

basics of a country song

*lyrics are of paramount importance

*found out lyrics were so important in places called honky tonks

Honky Tonks

– are neighborhood taverns, roadhouses, bars

– opportunities for singers have direct contact with audiences

– original world of Hank Williams, George Jones, ; Willie Nelson

Honky Tonk themes

-love (Moe Bandy – I Cheated Me Right Out of You)


-drink (Johnny Paycheck ; Merle Haggard – I Can’t     Hold Myself In Line)






-Us and (against) Them


Hillbilly (1920’s)

-songs of the poor, rural, uneducated Southerner

-alternative to jazz, blues, gospel, and pop

-wholesome, family-style entertainment

-maintenance of a regional singing style

-nasal vocal sound with a twang

-ex: Gene Autry – There’s A Moon Over My Shoulder

Bob Marley


Bob Marley continued

-1st album: Catch on Fire

-subject matter: Rastafarian beliefs

(through determination, rebellion, and justice we can have repatriation to Africa)


-song: “One Love/People Get Ready” N.B., the bass pattern and strummed guitar