ALan freeman
Radio DJ for a moslty white audiance
Elvis Presley
Most Polpular Rock N Roller. King of Rock n Roll
Chuck Berry
First to focus on guitar playing
Carl Perkins
Rock a Billy “Blue Suede Shoes
Buddy Holly
Folk based song with electric guitar, writing
First Rock n Roll duop group
Jerry Luis
energetic pianoist, Recorded at son’s studio
Little Richie
Gospal Pianoist
Louy Jordan
Jazz plus rhythm and blues equal jump blues
Robert Johnson
First artist to focus on folk style blue
Biig Mamma Thorton
originally recorded hound dog
Muddy Waters
best dexcription for him is rhythym and blue (pre-rock n roll)
Bill Haley
First Rock and Roll artist
Chubby Checker
Record Started dance face
Evlin Brothers
incorporated vocal harmony
Sam Philips
Owner of Son’s Studios (minnesota)
Start of Rock n Roll
1954 (Rock Around the Clock and Shiboom)
Most Influenced rock n Roll
Blues and Folk
Type record labels prominant in promoting early Rock n Roll
Small independent record label
Why did Rock around the clock gain mass popularity
Used in Black Board Jungle (movie)
What event made elvis presley popular
Appearance in a variety of tv shows 1956
What is the Payola scandel
Dj taking money or credit for a record to play on radio
Significant features in the form of song “That’ll be the Day”
has a true middle 8
What is exptly about Buddy Holly’s songs
Lync content hight, beginner of intitechuality
Piano artist what is the style most influence
Boogie Woogie
What type of rock n roll group 1954 chord progression
What is the folk style blue biggest influence on fifties rock
12 bar blues
who are the song writers of hound dog
jerry lebor and mike stone
Whose career ended because of his age
billy haley or Domino
Career end because of crime
chuck berry
Did elvis write his own material
1953 first popular song
Doggy in the Windw shows contrast from 1954 start of rock n roll
copy write laws
don’t prevent people from stealing people’s songs
insurance that original artist gets credit
cnrtibute to rock n roll
blues and folk, jump blues, rhythm and blues, country, gospal
why did the artist stop recordign after the 50s
because change in style and payola scandel
2 types of base line found in 50s rock n roll
walking and root five
the main musical line
groups of notes at the same time
more than one note played at the same time or a musical line other than the melody ( base line)
a deration of notes abd spases or patterns they create
characteristic of tone