when did hip hop culture first develop?
mid 1970’s
where did hip hop culture originate?
south bronx
where did rap originate?
people talking or singing over a turntablist in the background
what is jamaican toasting
the practice of talking shit about another dj or artist to in your music to make yourself sound better
rap lyrics that are improvised, acappella, or with instrumental beats
an example of g-funk
what is g-funk
funkadelic beats, soulful backing vocals, live instruments with whiny synth and rolling bassline
Sugarhill Gang
popularized hip hop, jumped onstage to sing along to chic’s “good times”. this eventually became “rapper’s delight”.
rapper’s delight
rap version of chic’s “good times” performed by Sugarhill Gang. Nile Rodgers sued and a settlement was filed and credit was given to him as cowriter. made in 1979
Nuthin but a G Thang
used parts of “I wanna do something freaky to you” by Leon Haywood. released in 1992 by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. recorded by Dre following a dispute and his departure from NWA and Ruthless Records
Lauryn Hill
made a band “The Refugees” with Wyclef Jean after he aproached her while she was in high school. She was the first female to ever be nominated for ten grammys in one year. she has 7 children, 5 from Rohan Marley. Lost Ones (1998)
eminem’s rise to fame
named 2009  artist of the decade by Billboard. interscope records requested a demo after he placed second at  the 1997 rap olympics and won Wake Up Show’s freestyle performer of the year.
eminem skills
varied and humorous audience connection, carrying concepts over a series of albums, complex rhymes, ability to bend words for rhymes, multisyllabic rhymes, fitting many rhymes in each bar, clear enunciation, use of melody, syncopation. Lose Yourself (2002)
genre of alternative rock
when did indie originate
late 1980s
2 subgenres of indie
indie pop and grunge
indie was originally used interchangeably with what genre
alternative rock
what eventually became the meaning of indie
acts that retained an outsied and underground perspective even after grunge and punk revival broke into mainstream in the 1990’s
where did indie begin
who were pioneers in indie
mark arm of mudhoney and bruce pavitt of sub pop records