Derivative Forms
Alternative,Heavy Meatal,Post-Rock,Punk Rock
Typical Insruments
Electric Guitar,Bass Guitar,Drums,Keyboard
Classic Rock,Emo,Hard Rock,Christian Rock
Blended Rock
Folk Music blended with rock to create folk rock,blues to create blues-rock,jazz to create jazz-rock fusion
Soul,Funk,& latin Music
consist of Guitarist,Lead singer,Bass Guitarist,& Drummer,Sometimes the lead singer will play an instrument while singing,forming a trio or duo
Bands Today
Red hot Chili Peppers,System Of a Down,Metallic,Linkin Park,Simple Plan
Alternative Rock
A type of Rock music that combines subgenres like Grunge,Britpop,Gothic rock,& Indie Pop
Combines Elements of Punk Rock with Pop music.A pop Punk band today Would be Bad Religion
Hard Rock
Roots for Hard Rock are Garage & Pyschedelic Rock.Influenced by Blues Music
Rock & Roll
Played with 1 or 2 electric guitars,a string bass & or electric bass guitar,& a drum set
Soft Rock
Often Reffered to as light rock or easy rock,sung with higher pitched vocals
Punk Rock
They created fast, hard-edged music, typically with short songs, stripped-down instrumentation, and often political, anti-establishment lyrics.
Funk Rock
A music genre that fuses funk and rock elements
Rap Rock
A fusion genre of rock and hip-hop. It blends vocal and instrumental parts of hip-hop and various forms of rock, including punk and rock.
Country rock
A musical genre formed from the fusion of rock with country music, with its country origins being initially referenced to the rockabilly music of the 1950s.
A term used to describe a number of performers who were important precursors of the punk rock movement of the mid-1970s and later, or who have been cited by early punk rockers as influential.
Death Rock
A term used to identify a fusion of punk rock and gothic rock which incorporates elements of horror and spooky atmospheres within a Goth-Punk style
Garage Punk
A rock music fusion of garage rock and punk rock. It is fast-paced, lo-fi music characterised by angular, choppy guitar sounds — usually played by bands who are on independent record labels or who are unsigned
Trip Rock
A term used to describe a type of music played by bands like Livering Weavers, mr. Gnome, Unkle, DJ Shadow, Gorillaz, Portishead, Cut Chemist, Archive,Super Preachers and many more. It’s a fusion of trip hop and rock genres, principally alternative rock, but it could also encounter connections with new forms of psychedelic rock or progressive music, sometimes even post-rock.