The Beats
American writers and poets of the fifties and later whose works included social criticisms questioning the lack of individual freedom in American society, their followers were known as beatniks.
A distorted sound effect achieved by cutting through the speaker cone of an amplifier, playing a tube amplifier at a much higher volume than it was intended for, or using an electronic device that creates a controllable version of the sound.
Trad jazz( traditional jazz)
dixieland jazz in the style played in New Orleans and Chicago during the twenties.
Horn Section
(1) The section of a jazz band that includes bass and woodwind instruments. (2) A group of French horns.
Electronic sound generations (often keyboards) capable of modifying the sound generation.
A naturally produced, sustained, distorted squeal created when high volume sound coming out of an amplifier is taken in by the pickup on the guitar (or a microphone) and then fed back into the amplifier.
Scalelike patterns based on church music formulas dating from the MIddle ages. The natural notes (that is notes produced by pressing only white keys on the piano) from C to C produce a major mode, or major scale (also called the ionian mode). The other modes are as follows: D to D, dorian; E to E, phrygian; F to F, lydian; G to G, mixolydian; A to A, aeolian (the natural minor scale); B to B, locrian.
A very simple British folk music that involved little more than melody and accompaniment by a strummed acoustic guitar, and rudimentary rhythm instruments such as washboard.
Tone quality as it relates to the characteristic differences among musical instruments or singing voices.
A movement in art connected to dream images. Combination of dreams and the real world.
indian guitar
developed originally by Soren Kierkegaard and further expanded by Jean-Paul Satre, influenced the alienation from society embraced by the beats and the hippie counterculture.. For the hippies became an attitude that stressed the importance of freeing the individual from the hostility of the outside, tradition-bound world.