T/F: Mick Jagger has always been known for his distinctive voice and his attraction to the gruff, eloquent directness of black music. He has been described as a white person singing black songs and flaunting it. His voice drawls much like the Chicago Blues singer Big Joe Turner
FALSE (Howlin’ wolf)
T/F: Otis Redding was Atlantic Records’ best selling southern soul performer in the mid-60’s. In the Midnight Hour, which he recorded, was one of the most successful songs of the soul era
FALSE(Wilson Pickett)
T/F: Rare Earth, Motown’s only white rock and soul band, was an experimental assault on the rock market that yielded over 10million records sold worldwide
Motown’s group, the four tops were a cross between RB and the Mills Brothers. Their music was built around lead singer Smokey Robinson
T/F: Stevie Wonder, one of Motown’s finest recording artists, recorded his first hit, Fingertips – Part 2 at age 12. This tune is also the first live recording to hit #1 in rock history.
T/F: The Beatles not only changed rock music history, but also changed the world of fashion and how society behaved
T/F: Bob Dylan, whose leading influence was Woodie Gutherie, is considered to be the first poet of mass media
T/F: The Funk Brothers served as studio session players in memphis for soul artists Otis Redding and Wilson Pickett
T/F: The Jackson 5 was motown’s last great act fronted by Michael Jackson who was viewed by many to dance like a miniature James Brown
T/F: The Kinks, led by Van Morrison, were known as the precursors of heavy metal by the use of POWER CHORD playing
T/F: The Lennon – McCartney writing team worked well together throughout the tenure of the Beatles by contributing to each of their songs.
T/F: The Byrds, with their distinctive 12 string guitar sound, was the group that successfully managed to synthesize the music of Bob Dylan and the Beatles
T/F: It was estimated that there were about 50 to 100 bands that formed during the San Francisco scene in the 1960’s
________ were second only to the stones in influence among RB based bands
The animals
_______ is a tame brand of pop folk music and traditional jazz(taken from the New Orleans style). This music was made popular in England by Lonnie Donegan in the mid-50s
Skiffle Music
______ is a term that describes a mix of RB with extended guitar/harmonica jams. It is blues music with a fierce drive to the music. The Yardbirds became known for these ad hoc jams during their live performances
_______, the leader of the Bluesbreakers, is known as the elder statesman of British Blues.
John Mayall
________ has been referred to as the fifth beatle
George Martin
______ was one of the most important female groups in rock history. Their music is the purest expression of the motown sound
The Supremes
According to your text: “By the late 1960’s, ________ had become one of the biggest black-owned corporations in America, as well as one of the most phenomenally successful independent recording ventures in history
______ is repsected by many drummers and musicians for his excellent timekeeping. He fit the famous group he played for perfectly.
Ringo Starr
________ led the way for the infamous Acid Tests(aka “happenings”) in the 1960s. He is also the author of the famous novel, One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.
Ken Kesey
Memphis soulman __________ never made a major impact upon pop audiences but brought a country influence to RB in the mid-60s
Soloman Burke
Your text states: “Inspired by the coaching of Andrew Loog Oldham, their publicist-manager, ___________ chose to be vulgar – aggressively, as a stance, to counteract the dreariness and rigidity of their middle class suburban mess of pottage. they sought only ro live up to the earthiness of the rhythm and blues music they lived for
The Rolling Stones
The Yardbirds were the starting point for three great guitarists: Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and ___________
Jimmy Page
Your text describes this artist as: “A stage-shy performer who originally fancied himself a jazz singer, _______ was one of motown’s most enigmatic – and consistently popular – acts. First employed by Gordy as a session drummer… he proceeded to work with every producer in the Motown stable
Marvin Gaye
________ is the famous street corner in San Francisco that attracted a sub-culture of dropouts, starving artists and a large community of folk musicians
An Introspective style emerges in the music in what period?
Middle period
The use of studio techniques can be heard more in what period?
late period
Albums such as please please me and WIth The Beatles fall into what period?
Early Period
Social statements and, at times, a Dylan influence can be heard in the music of what period?
Notes: Bob Dylan
– Most important American contributor to rock music
-First poet of the mass media
-Two distinctive time periods: Acoustic and electric
-Dylan shows that folk IS rock
-Fusion of country, folk, blues, rock & roll and poetry both ancient and new
-His lyrics have been discussed in English classes
Notes: Acoustic Period (Dylan)
-First Album “The Times They Are A-Changin’ (63)
– Was his most overt protest album
-Gives the feeling of the “dust bowl” era
-“Grapes of Wrath” (song)
“The Times They Are A-Changin” (63) Bob Dylan
Became an anthem for frustrated youth
Notes: Electric Period
-Illustrates Wit
– Music was a catalyst for the druge culture and Vietnam War
– Dylan’s electric band went on to form The Band (Robbie Robertson)
-Set the Scene for “folk-rock”
Notes: “Subterranean Homesick Blues” – Dylan
-Dylan’s first top 40 hit
-one of Dylan’s first electric pieces
Notes: “Like a Rolling Stone” – Dylan
-Critics considered it to be Dylan’s magnum opus
Notes: John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers
-Known as the elder Statesman of British Blues
Notes: The Yardbirds
-The starting point for Clapton/Beck/Page
-Early pioneers of psychedelic music
-Known for ad hoc jams (called raves)
-Raves: Mix of R&B with extended guitar/harmonica passages
Notes: Punk – The British Connection
-Brought to the U.K. by Malcolm McLaren
– McLaren became the Sex Pistols manager
Notes: The Sex Pitols
The anti-British group
-Represented the young bored Brits
-Rebelled agaisnt the staunch upper class
Notes: “God Save the Queen” (1977) – Sex Pistols
-Lyrics contain gleeful snotty name-calling
-Declares the royalty ineffectual and irrelevant
-Poses Britain is a country in decline, ignoring the bleak times ahead
Notes: David Bowie
– British artist of theatre rock
-Cross-dressing resulted in Ziggy Stardust (1972)
-Ziggy sold in Britain, not in U.S. (too mainstream)
-Set the stage for Glam Rock (Lou Reed, Kiss, NY Dolls)
Notes: “Andy Warhol” (1971) – Bowie
-Warhol was one of Bowie’s major inspirations
Notes: Led Zeppelin
-Considered to be the first band of heavy metal
-Established the concept of album oriented rock
-“Stairway to heaven” was never a single
Notes: Jimmy Page
-Along with Hendrix, expanded the sonic vocabulary of the electric guitar
-Later albums (starting with “Led Zeppelin 3) move to more folk-derived material and Celtic mythology
Notes: Punk
– returned rock and roll to the basics
-Three chords and simple melody
-In america, punk remained an underground sensation
-In UK, it was a full-scale phenomenon
Notes: Richard Hell
-One of the original punk rockers to emerge from New York City in early/mid 70s
-Often pointed to as a major influence by other subsequent punk bands
-Formed the band called the Neon Boys which later was renamed Television
Notes: Television
-One of the most creative bands to emerge from NY’s punk scene of the mid 70s
-Viewed to be the antithesis of the “happy culture” (hippies)
-Back to short hair and street clothes (replaced the extravagant)
-Debut album was “Marquee Moon” (1977)
Notes: “Marquee Moon” by Television
-Laid the gound work for many of the guitar-based post-punk pop groups of the late 70s and 80s
Notes: CBGB’s
Important venue for punk and new wave bands
Notes: Patti Smith
-Improvised lyrics that reflected life in New York
-Combines 60s garage rock with the literary writing styles of Rimbaud, Burroughs and Ginsberg
-Referred to as the “Godmother of Punk”
Notes: “Horses” by Patti Smith
-Anticipates new wave music
-A hybrid of classic rock and post-Beat poetry
Notes: Pink Floyd
-Experimental “space-rock” band
-Inclusion of “concete music”
-Creation of themes result in concepts on a massive scale
-Syd Barrett – an important founding member
-Barrett played a major rol in the musical and stylistic direction of the band’s early work
Notes: “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn” – Pink Floyd
-Pink Floyd’s debut album (only one made under Syd Barretts leadership)
Notes: “Dark Side of the Moon” – Pink Floyd
-Partly inspired by Barrett’s deteriorating mental state
Notes: Frank Zappa
-Music combines an understanding of and appreciation of:
1. 20th Century Composers: Stravinsky, Stockhausen, Varese
2. Late 50s doo-wop rock and roll
3. Social satire and stinging wit
4. avant-garde jazz
5. guitar-heavy rock and R&B
6. Collages of many styles
– Satirist with a wicked sense of humor and absurdity
-His band “The Mothers of Invention”
Notes: Proto-Punk
-Never quite fit into the mainstream rock and roll of the late 60s and early 70s
-Sowed the seeds for the punk revolution of the late 70s
Notes: MC-5 (Motor City 5)
-Essentially laid the foundations for the emergence of punk
-Led by John Sinclair (leader of the infamous White Panther Party)
Notes: White Panther Party
-Far left, anti-racist, white-american political collevtive founded in 1968 co-founded by John Sinclair
-Aligned itself with radical politics
notes: Iggy Pop
-the “Godfather of Punk Music”
-Carried on the stage drama of Jim Morrison
-Early group: The Stooges
Notes: Alice Cooper
-Father of Shock-rock
– Influenced by comic book stories & RKO horror movie shows
Notes: Janis Joplin (part of the 27 club)
-A representation of culture and a generation (Much like Dylan)
-Broke the barriers for women in the music industry
-Overall, her performances were fresh and sincere
-Sang the blues to transcend pain
-Gained national fame at the Monterey Pop Festival
Notes: Jimi Hendrix- the early years(part of the 27 club)
-Discovered by Chas Chandler (ex Animal bandmember)
Notes: The Three Studio Albums – Jimi Hendrix
-Considered the best of his work
Notes: Jimi Hendrix – The Innovations
-Redefined the guitar and guitar performance
-Able to explore and master ALL the sonic force of the instrument
-Had the girl and the ability to harness the distortions
-Distortion and feedback were not for the gimmick
Notes: Jim Morrison/The Doors (Part of 27 club)
-Morrison is looked at as one of the Fathers of Contemporary Rock
-Attempted to marry rock with poetry
-Influence rockers such as Alice Cooper and even Marilyn Manson
-Morrison became known for his off-the-wall improvisations on stage
Notes: The British Invasion
– The british resurrected the music we ignored
-England’s “James Dean” counterpart – “teddy boys”
Notes: Skiffle Music
-King of Skiffle – Lonnie Donegan
Notes: The Byrds
-Group that synthesized Dylan and the Beatles
-Dylans composition: “Mr. Tambourine Man” (65)
-Declared to be the first folk-rock hit in rock history
– Beatles’ “Tick to Ride” inspired the sound and feel
Notes: The Ramones
-Most popular of punk bands
-Crystallized the musical ideals of the genre
-Cut rock & roll down to its bare essentials
Notes: Songs by The Ramones
Blitzkrieg Bop, Pinhead, I Wanna Be Sedated
Notes: The San Francisco Scene – Haight Ashbury
-Consisted of communes, starving artists, dropouts, the anti-establishment (aka Existentialists)
-The Acid Tests led by writer Ken Kesey became known as a “Happening”
-Estimated there were 500-1500 bands in the San Fran area
Notes: The Charlatans
-Considered to be the start of the Haight Ashbury scene
-Contribution is more a social one
-Planted the seeds of the rock counterculture
Notes: Moby Grape
-One of the best San Fran bands of the 1960s
-More versatile than other San Fran bands
-Combination of folk, blues, country and classic RR
Notes: Jefferson Airplane
-Most popular of the San Fran bands
-Leaders of the protest movement and supporters of free love
Notes: Grace Slick
– Great female rock voice
-Represented the love-hate image of the 60s
Notes: The Grateful Dead
-Considered to be the ultimate cult band
-Never really part of the mainstream music scene
-House band for the Kesey Acid Test “happenings”
-Music is an eclectic blend of folk, country and blues
-Fans known as “Deadheads”
Notes: The Velvet Undergound – New York Proto Punk
-Known as the key touchstone to punk and new wave
-Combination of music and art
-Provided music for the “Explding Plastic Inevitable”
Notes: Lou Reed
-Use of sing-speak vocals and gripping narratives
-Helped define street savvy rock and roll
Notes: “Walk On the Wild Side” by Lou Reed
-Song received wide radio coverage, despite its touching on “unusual” topics
-Subject matter “missed” by censors
-About a series of individuals and their journeys to New York City
Notes: Art Rock (aka Classic Rock)
-Blending of classical music with rock
-References to mythology
-use of odd meters and frequent mood/tempo changes
-Large percentage of art rock bands were British
Notes: Moody Blues
-First of what would be succession of “concept albums”
-programmatic music
-paved the way for other art rock bands
Textbook Q: “______ created something that was rooted in the early 60s, pre-beatles rock and roll and pop but sounded revolutionary. Their music has been labeled by some has “bubble-gum punk”
The Ramones