Buddy holly
The crickets
Dave Bartholomew
Collaborator with fat damino
Ricky Nelson
L.A. Rockabilly
(T/F) Buddy Holly was one of the first rock artists to use the studio as an instrment and explore the techniques of sound and production.
(T/F)One factor that played in the birth of Rock and Roll can be traced to a snall group of AM radio disc jokeys who chose to ignore mainstream white record labels and play snall independent labels instead.
(T/F)the Late 50’s became a transitional time period between the initial rock renegades and the teen idols. The New comers had a more clean-cut image and appealed to a broader audience.
(T/F) Some rock historians site Sixty Minute Man by the dominos to be the first roack and roll record because the lyrics celebrate the automobile.
“””According to your text “”””{His} music represented the ungodly miscegenation presley and little Richard only hinted at. A white man with a black soul? Onstage__(who)__, unlike Presley didnt mess much with ballads and hymns. As he admitted in an argument with Sam Phillips early in his career [he] saw himself as playing the devils music and a true christian doesnt mis gods music with the devil’s.'”””
Jerry Lee Lewis
Rockabilly combines country western, blues and what other style of music?
King of Rock and Roll
Elvis Presley
King of Rockabillty
Carl Perkins
Father of Bluegrass
Bill Monroe
Jump Band
Louis Jordan
Influenced Janis Joplin
Big Mama Thorton
Mississippi Delta Blues
Robert Johnson
First Black DJ
Nat D. Williams
Popularized the electric guitar in Rock and Roll
T-Bone Walker
J & M Recording studios
Cosimo Matassa
T/F: Bo Diddley’s music is known more for the catchy melodies rather than the rhythm
“T/F: Jerry Lee Lewis, known as “”the killer””, was a great showman and viewed as Elvis’ rival”
T/F: The subject matter of Chuck Berry’s compositions was aimed at youth. He wrote about cars, girls, driving, drive-ins, dancing, rock and roll and the facts of life.
T/F: Fats Domino’s music is an excellent representation of the rockability style
“T/F: Joe Turner, a Kansas City blues shouter, was known as the “”Boss of Blues”””
“T/F: Bill Haley and the Comets gained national recognition when their #1 recording was featured as the soundtrack for the movie entitled “”Rebel Without a Cause”””
FALSE(Blackboard Jungle)
Father of Bluegrass
Bill Monroe
T/F: One of the differences between Miss. Delta blues and Chicago blues is that the latter (Chicago Blues) makes use of accoustic instruments.
T/F: Like Little Richard and Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley composed many of his recorded hits.
“T/F: Sixty Minute Man was one of the first R songs to crossover to the pop charts. It was as known as one of the first “”double-entendre”” hits.”
T/F: While Carl Perkins invented rockabilly and Elvis Presley gave it a defined, even dignified form, Jerry Lee Lewis gave it it’s very soul – the soul he sold for Rock and Roll
___(Who)____ was the first blues-based performer to successfully reclaim guitar tricks that country & western innovators had appropriated from black people and adapted to their own uses 25 or 50 years before. [He] is [also] the greatest rock lyricist this side of Bob Dylan
Chuck Berry
The first R&R tune to reach #1 in the pop charts was by Bill Haley and the comets. What was the title of this song?
Rock around the Clock
Chess Records is located in the city of ________
The technique of slapping the strings on the upright bass along with the absence of ______(instrument)______ are some of the traits of rockabilly music and traditional country music as well. This instrument was banned from the Grand Ol’ Opry until it was used by Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys
“Of whom is your text referring to: _____(who)_____, the most primitive of the early black rock and rollers, built his hits on blues and folk materials from backcountry Mississippi and on the Latin-like “”hambone”” beat.”
Bo Diddley
“Of whom is your text referring to: To Buddy Holly, “”Without [him] none of us could have made it.”” As for [himself], the center of the storm, it was something over which he professed to have no control. Over and over again in the course of his life, he refused to speculate the reasons for his success, putting it down to luck, blind instinct, anything but conscious design….. He grew up, schooled in all the classic virtues of small-town America: diffident, polite, sirring and ma’aming his elders.”””
Elvis Presley
The lyrics of many rock tunes celebrate the automobile. Artists such as Chuck Berry and the Beach Boys are known for this. An early R&B tune from 1951 by Jackie Brenston and Ike Turner is considered one of the first of this type. What is the title of this tune?
Rocket 88
__________ was a top-notch musician in New Orleans and played a crucial role in the development of Rock and Roll. He is known for his compositional collaborations with rock artists such as Fats Domino, which includes Domino’s first hit, Aint That a Shame.
Dave Bartholomew
Name at least 3 styles of music that are considered to be the roots of rock and roll
“- Jazz
HIT SONG: The Ventures
Walk, Dont Run
HIT SONG: The Shangri-Las
Leader of the Pack
HIT SONG: The Everly Brothers
Bye Bye Love
HIT SONG: Jerry Lee Lewis
Great Balls of Fire
HIT SONG: The Ronettes
Be My Baby
Leiber and Stoller
“””Rogers and Hart”” of rock and roll”
T/F: Dick Dale, king of the surf guitar, was influenced by the guitar playing of Duane Eddy. he took Eddy’s style and exxagerated its twangy sound.
T/F: Playlets is a story-song writing style created by the song writing team of Leiber and Stoller
T/F: The three leading pioneers of soul are Jackie Wilson, Sam Cooke and Bobby Darin
T/F: Bo Diddley’s music is known for the catchy melodies rather than the rhythm
T/F: Jackie Wilson brought his melodic style of gospel to pop songs with graceful ease
T/F: Aldon Music was a symbol for the popular music(Brill Building pop music of the early 60s) in Philidelphia
T/F: Fats Domino’s music is an excellent representation of the rockabilly style
T/F: The death of rock and roll in rock history happened in February of 1964 when the Beatles came to America.
FALSE(1959, with the death of buddy holly)
T/F: The kingsmen, who recorded LOUIE LOUIE, was the first of many garage bands that rose out of the early 1960s
T/F: The beach boys were americas answer to the beatles
T/F: Fueled by The Beatles’ Rubber Soul, Brian Wilson created his master project entitled Pet Sounds which is considered by critics to be one of the most important rock albums of the 1960s
FALSE(Sgt. Pepper)
T/F: Many doo-wop groups celebrated long and fruitful careers and had a string of top 40 hits
T/F: Ray Charles’ music is not considered to be rock and roll. instead, his music has drawn from an entire spectrum of styles including patriotic anthems, showtunes, romantic ballads, and even country
T/F: Bill Haley and the Comets gained national recognition when their #1 recording was used for blackboard jungle
T/F: The Everly Brothers tight harmonies were a major influence on others such as the beach boys, simon and garfunkel, and the john/paul harmony of the beatles
T/F: Elvis presley forced rock music down the mainstreams throat and made it possible to talk about music as more than a passing fad for rhythm and blues
T/F: Brian Wilson, the genius of the beach boys was influenced by the following: The Four Freshman, The beatles and the sound of Sun Records studios produced by Sam Philips
FALSE(phil spectar, not sun records)
“T/F: The “”wall of sound”” of Phil Spector recordings was created by the large groups of instruments played by LA musicians known as the wrecking crew”
T/F: Leiber and Stoller were among the first white writers to compose authentic RB and helped expand RB’s range by incorporating a pop style emphasis.
T/F: Howie Greenfield and Neil Sadaka were the most prolific writing duo at Aldon Music during the Brill Building Era
T/F: The Ventures, one of the leading instrumental groups of the early 60s, solidified the 2 guitar/bass/drums line-up that Buddy Holly and the Crickets had started.
T/F: The girl groups of the early 1960s was the most successful avenue for young black singers in the pop market
What Influential RB artist played a major role in developing James Brown’s style and approach to his music?
What was James Brown’s first successful hit(under the name of Fabulous Flames)?
please please please
What is the name of the film that James Brown made his first appearance in?
Ski Party
“What is the name of the influential bass player that joined the group and changed the direction and sound of the band? The tune “”Sex machine”” was one of the first songs that illustrated this new direction.”
What is the name of the hit song that was in the movie ROCKY IV
Living in america
What was the name of freed’s first radio show in Cleveland? It was also Freed’s nickname.
The Moondog Show
In what city was Freed charged with inciting a riot?
What was the name of the Cleveland DJ that was one of the first to be brought up on charges of payola. His attendence at the 2nd annual disc jockey convention in miami set the stage for the govt to go after these DJ’s. This DJ lost his job following the hearings
Joe Finan
After Allen Freed was fired from WABC, the following occurred:
Freed died penniless, and freed had his house ceased by the IRS for improper filing of income taxes(he did NOT commit suicide(
“According to your text: “”Through multi-tracking, _________ made his rhythm section sound like armies, turned the beat into a murderous massed cannonade. No question, his records were the loudest, fiercest, most magnificent explosions that rock has yet produced.”””
Phil Spectar
“In the 1950’s, DJ’s received payment “”under the table”” for music airplay.This was known as what?”
Chess Records is located in the city of _________
Leiber and Stoller turned to a more serious approach with the drifters(compared to the coasters) to develop a high-tech production style known as _______
Uptown R&B
Popularized the fender stratocaster:
Buddy Holly
Neil Sedaka
writing partner Howie Greenfield
Bobby Vinton
Successful Teen Idol
Playlets is a story-song writing style created by the song writing team of Leiber and Stroller which was used extensively in the music of Drifters
The three leading pioneers of soul are Jackie Wilson, Sam Cooke and Ray Charles
Jackie Wilson brought his melodic style of gospel to pop songs with graceful ease
FALSE(Sam Cooke)
Gerry Goffin and Carole King were the most prolific writing dup at Aldon Music during the Brill Building Pop era
The Mills brothers(from the 1930’s) and the Ink Spots(1940’s) are considered to be the doo-wop groups of the pre-rock era
The music played in most garage bands is created by using complex rhyth,s(riffs) and sophisticated harmoney
“The success of many “”girl groups”” is linked to a specific producer that projected his vision rather than the groups vision”
“_____(what doo wop group)______ were once the most successful crossover acts in the 1950’s. They were known as the “”Ink spots of the rock era””. They were rivaled only by Fats Domino in terms of record sales.”
Mills Brothers
“Your text states the following: “”The city had already spawned its share of doo-wop groups and labels, but ti was Dick Clark’s move to __________ and the emergence of record companies geared to grooming teen idols from among the local Italian populace for exposure on his show, that put (this city) on the musical map.”””
Sun Records is located in which city?
New Orleans
_________ gained more fame in England than America and was a major influence on British guitar players. He was known for the early development of the power chord sound in rock music and his biggest American hit, SUMMERTIME BLUES, was later covered by The Who
Eddie Cochrane
_______ has one of the most graceful voices in 60s soul. The sound of his voice was quite different than Ray Charles: it had a more floating quality
Sam Cooke
The ________ was one of the last girl group era bands. Their most famous song, The leader of the pack, was a #1 hit in 1964. It was a modern-day Romeo and Juliet tragedy played out in about three minutes
The Shangri-Las
Following Pet Sounds, Brian Wilson went back to the studio for six months to write and produce his finest hit single recorded by the beach boys. What is the title of this song?
Good Vibrations
The _________ introduced white country harmony to rock and roll: high tenors with about a third of a note’s difference between their voices, they sang in the country duo tradition style of the Delmore Brothers and the Louvon Brothers
Everly Brothers
________ the genius, the high priest of soul…. For black america he brought the feeling of the church into secular music and crystallized an era
Ray Charles
“Ricky Nelson grew up in front of the nation on the TV family sitcom “”The adventures of ____________. “
Ozzie & Harriet
“The _________ inspired Phil Spectar’s best work. They became known as the first “”bad girls”” of pop”
the ronettes
With the arrival of the beatles the girl groups of the early sixties began to decline. Phil Spector produced a soulful male duo act that was to be his last great succes in that era. Singers Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield were the male duo known as ________
Righteous Brothers
_________ Publishing company, formed in 1958, was a symbol for popular music in new york.
HIT SONG: Jackie Wilson
Higher and Higher
HIT SONG: Buddy Holly & the Crickets
Peggy Sue
HIT SONG: The Everly Brothers
Bye Bye Love
HIT SONG:The Ronettes
Be My Baby
The Righteous Brothers
Unchained Melody