Buddy holly
The crickets
Dave Bartholomew
Collaborator with fat damino
Ricky Nelson
L.A. Rockabilly
(T/F) Buddy Holly was one of the first rock artists to use the studio as an instrment and explore the techniques of sound and production.
(T/F)One factor that played in the birth of Rock and Roll can be traced to a snall group of AM radio disc jokeys who chose to ignore mainstream white record labels and play snall independent labels instead.
(T/F)the Late 50’s became a transitional time period between the initial rock renegades and the teen idols. The New comers had a more clean-cut image and appealed to a broader audience.
(T/F) Some rock historians site Sixty Minute Man by the dominos to be the first roack and roll record because the lyrics celebrate the automobile.
According to your text “{His} music represented the ungodly miscegenation presley and little Richard only hinted at. A white man with a black soul? Onstage__(who)__, unlike Presley didnt mess much with ballads and hymns. As he admitted in an argument with Sam Phillips early in his career [he] saw himself as playing the devils music and a true christian doesnt mis gods music with the devil’s.’
Jerry Lee Lewis
Rockabilly combines country western, blues and what other style of music?