-invited by elvis

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-mix of country, blues, gospel and pop

Rockabilly Style Traits

-no drummer used

-use of slapping bass


*classic rockabilly was almost entiraly the product of sun records and Sam Phillips

Sam Philips

-owner and operater for sun records

-important figure in the development of rock and rock



-Gospel remained a part of his repitor throughout career

-historians believed the true birth of R&R would be July 5th when he played thats alright

-Dominated 50’s…Beatles the 60’s

-Never wrote any songs

-Sun Studio Yrs of Elvis


-sun records relfect discovery of elvis

dubbed ‘hillbilly cat’ (‘white neggro’)

-named most promising young country singer

Presley/Important Observations

-first rock hero

-Singer, not song

-forced R&R down mainstream’s throat

-made R;R more then a passing fade

-opened gates for black r;b artists

Elvis with RCA

-Tole Tom Parker became new manager

-reached national status with heartbreak hotel

-defined rock image of fifties

-help linked R;R with television


Hollywood After Army:1960-69(Elvis)

-earlier pictures were his strongest


XMAS Comack Special


-brought back ‘Elvis Rocker’

Carl Perkins

-king of rockabillyremained true to his style

music is an extension of his hillbilly

-rebellious break

Jerry Lee Lewis

-influenced by great barrel house piano played New Orleans

-Vewied as Elvis’ rival

Push Towards Pop


-late 50’s transitional period between inital R;R and the teen idol period

-new comers had clean cut images;

-it broadened the appeal


Who are the Three Transition Rockabilly Artists?

-Rocky Nelson

-Buddy Holly

-The Crickets

Rocky Nelson

-the adventure of ozzie and harriet

-put R;R music in America’s living room


Buddy Holly

-pointed music toward first Rock band

-first major white artist to write/produce music

-first to use studio as instrument

-explored techniques of sound and production

-popularized the Fender Stratocaster

-embraced rockabilly style 

The Crickets

-prototype from self-contained rockband

-2 guitar/bass drums cobination

-set the standard for British Bands

Everly Brothers

-nashville finally had in road to the r&r market

-featured a duo voice unique in the solo voice market

-influenced others


What were Buddy Holly and Everly Brothers refered to?
Ancestors of California Country Rock

-emphasizes meoldu above rhythm

-star groups:

the coasters

the dritters

-grew out of urban settings

-many ‘one hit wonders’

-dominante for inncoent teen love

The Orioles and The Rvens


-early R&B doo-wop

-important transition groups


Who was the most successful crossover acts in 1950’s?
The ;Platters
What was rock;rolls turning point?
buddy hollys death in 1959
who was the most successful teen idol?
bobby vinto
Philadelphia and American Bnad Stand

-city was the most successful teen idol ‘machine’

-engine of teen idol machine was American Banstand

-Dick Clark–> Host of Bandstand

Payola Scnadal

-Alan Freed

-birbery in exchange for promotion of a product or service

-ie. disc jockey 

The Soul Poineers

-key element of soul=influence of gospel music

-soul mirrored the groups civil rights/movement in america


who are the four leading soul pioneers?
ray charles, sam cookes, jackie wilson and jackes brown
Ray Charles

-not really r&r music

-drew from entire spectrum of music

Sam Cooke

-graceful voice in soul music

-very different from Ray Charles

-voice is more floating quality compared to Charles 


Jackie Wilson

-enormous range and sheer power

-great instrument of R&R

-sweeping register leaps, rich vibrato, falsetto breaks was his trademark

-energetic and agile showman

James Brown

-paved the way for others (ie. Redding, Peckett, Sly and the Family Stone)

-known as god father of soul

-incredible stage show productions

-rhythm was everything


Who never had a number 1 hit on the pop charts?
Jamees Brown
Why was james browns sound unique?

-his groove referred to as ‘the one’

-broke bass lines(early influences of funk music)


Phil Spector

-‘little symphonies for kids’

-invented the role of the modern producer 


Wall of Sound

-use of many instruments

-anyone around the studio may have ended up on the recording

-large list of studio musicans were used

-became known as ‘wrecking creek’

who are the ‘bad girls of pop’?
the ronettes
Instrumental Groups (Surf Music)

-music was primarily an instrumental style

-lack of vocals 

-reestablished guitar as a central role of r&r

The Ventures 

-solidified 2 guitar/bass/drum line up

-not orginially a surf band