Steven foster was born in
First Minstrel group
Virginia minstrels
First American solo minstrel performer to tour Europe
-Thomas Dartmouth Rice
Main minstrel troup that popularized Stephen foser’s songs
Cristies minstrels
Which of the following was mass produced from the very beginnings
Gramaphone disks
How did grovener lowry assist Edison
he connected him with investors
Who was Francis Upton
edisons chief assistent
Self styled king of jass who offered a safe version of the music
Paul Whiteman
Name father of american broadcasting who bought columbia broadcasting
William S. Paley
Jesse Lippincott was seller of what
both Phonographs and graph phones, two competing companies
sheet music industry peaked in
Reginold Fesindand made first rado broadcast of sound in 1906
Reginold Fesindand made first rado broadcast of sound in 1906
What was the theater owner’s booking association?
Circuit of venues for black vaudeville performers
What company was the biggest WIRELESS supplier in WW1
American Marconi
The man sold the rights to the wolister company making their jukeboxes more durable
Homer cape hart
By the late 1930’s one group of business people bought 60%, pulled industry out of great depression
-Jukebox operators
First american company to have high quality recording tape
What were the call letters of the 50 watt AM station in the 1940’s
Son records of Memphis TN was founded by
Sam Phillips
Who took Rock and roll to a national level with a dance program, owned 3 record companies, managing firm.
Dick Clark
Bill Grahm contributed to stength as
Concert Promoter
What city was home to KMPX, first radio rock station
-San Franscisco