Die Musik in Geschicte und Gegenwart
MGG/Scholarly dictionary
New Grove Dictionary of Music
NG/ Scholarly dictionary
Dictionary of Music
Riemann ML/ Brief def.; not as scholarly as Grove or Baker’s; translated from German.
Biographisch-Bibliographisches Quellen-Lexikon Der Musiker, etc.
Eitner QL/ Locates primary sources before 1900; valuable for extinct sources
Biographie Universelle des musiciens et Bibliographie Generale de la Musique
Fetis BU/ Primary source, out of date, mostly just useful for biography help.
New Harvard Dictionary of Music
NHDM/ Concise; foreign terms, cross-ref., bibliography; no composer info
Repetoire International des Sourves Musicales
RISM/document the world’s musical sources of manuscripts or printed music
Allgemeine Musikalische Zeitung (1798)
AMZ/ Primary source; reviews of current music/books in GER; (e.g. Hoffman’s review of Beethoven’s 5th)
Neue Zeitschrift fur Musik
Musical Quarterly
MG/Musicology research
Journal of the American Musicological Society
JAMS/ Musicology research
Journal of Research in Music Ed
JRME/Music Ed research
Repertoire Int’l de la Literature Musicale
RILM/Periodical index with abstracts of articles
Haydn’s Themetisch-biblio Werkerzeichnus
Hob. (Hoboken)
Das Werk Beethovens: etc.
opus/WoO (Kinsky)
K. (Kochel)
Thematisch-systematisches…J.S. Bach
S. or BWV (Schmieder)/ Vocal, Inst’l
Historical Anthology of Music
HAM / Renaissance (and others) excerpts in modern notation
Norton Scores
NS / various works with highlighted major parts of orchestra/band pieces
Norton Anthology of Western Music
NAWM / Aaron’s Textbook anthology
Recent Researches in Music of (Classical/Baroque) ERa
Wolff / Each vol. with extensive research on various musical pieces (e.g. Salieri’s Mass)
Music in Western Europe and US
Borroff / Great timeline of coinciding historical/arts/music events
General History of Music from Earliest Times to Present
Burney / more historic than helpful; 1st music history book
Outline History of Music
Cykler / tool for surface research of important music events (music appreciation info)
Music in Western Civilization
Lang / quasi-scholarly, info covers all musical periods (ending with 1941 as present)
Source readings in Music History from Classical Antiquity to Romantic Era
Strunk / scholarly, music philosophy source (e.g. Plato)
Research Guide to Music: Search strategy
Druesdow / Step by step guide to music history research (e.g. finding and narrowing topic)
Music Reference and Research Materials: Annotated Bibliography
Duckles / 1st stop for research – tells you if there’s a topic guide about your topic.
Int’l Cyclopedia of Music and Musicians
Thompson / list of works; not scholarly, snapshot of artist
Baker’s bio dictionary of musicians
Baker / extensive works list; quasi-scholarly; has obscure composers; jazz/pop editor
Int’l who’s who in mosic
teacher’s impact on music; research a future teacher (resumes)
Woman composers: music thru ages
Glickman / index of terms; 2-6 pg per composer; discography/works
Dictionary of Musical Terms
Tinctoris / primary source; one of 1st music books printed; brief terms, especially Renaissance/15th century
Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology
Adkins / listings of dissertations
Historical Sets, Collected Ed., and monuments of music
Heyer / Collections of works by a composer or all music from specific category (e.g. country/composer/genre); critical report of each work
Anthology of Music
Verlag / separate books for each topic (e.g. “fugue”) with famous/obscure composers