How long did the renaissance last?

Early renaissance was from 1400-1494
Late renaissance was from 1494-1600

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Know for his painting of the mona lisa and the last supper. Also known for science and technology, sfumato technique.

Leonardo Da Vinci

3-D style of painting


Sculpted David in bronze

Painted the Tribute Money
Know for his paintings of the Birth of Venus and La primavera.

What were the Three Graces

Bloom, joy, and brilliance
Influenced all renaissance artist and is best known for designing the Dome of Florence.
Sculpted the gates of paridise (baptistry doors) over a 51 yr period


Massachios painting techinique.

Chiaroscurro which is light and dark shading also producing a 3-D effect.

Donatello and Leonardo both sculpted in this style


showed stylistic trends toward mature masculine power and adolescence.
2 prominent musicians from Flanders who became well known. Known for their compostions of the mass: Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, and Agnus Dei.
Giles Binchous and Guilliame Dufay.
Important artist of the late renaissance
Michealangelo, Raphael, Bramante, and Shakespear.
He was a jack of all trades, known for his 18 ft David. Painted the sistene chapel ceiling. Also known for pietas and Moses.
took over the the Di Medici empire at 25
Lorenzo Di Medici

What did Donatellos David have on and how was he standing?

It was bronze with a hat and boots. his foot rest on the head of Goliath while brandishing Goliaths sword.
Who wrote the 95 thesis and where was it placed?
Martin Luther and it was placed on the Wittenburg Chapel thus the beginning of reformation.
Where did the renaissance mainly stay?
In the city of Florence.
who was responsible for most music during high renaissance?

Josquin des Prez and Andrea Gabrielli.

Where did the high renaissance take place?
What is the wall of the sistine chapel labled as?
The last Judgement