[Octaves] Considered the bass range. Conveys strength and power.
Octaves 1-4 (20Hz – 320Hz)
[Octaves] Power, Boom, & Fullness. Sounds in the frequency range: Thunder, traffic, & explosions.
Octaves 1 -2 (20Hz – 80Hz)
[Octaves] The Foundation. Serves aural structure in the same way as the horizon serves visual structure. Too Much = Boomy, Too Little = Thin.
Octaves 3 -4 (80Hz – 160Hz)
[Octaves] The transition octave. “Thumpiness” – Overlap Alert
Octave 4 (Too Much 250Hz – 500Hz can be boxy)
[Octaves] Said to give sound intensity. Most of the frequencies of the human voice.
Octaves 5 -7 (320Hz – 2560Hz)
[Octaves] Known for fullness, roundness & body
Octave 5 (320Hz – 640Hz)
[Octaves] Hornlike. Central parts of most instruments.
Octave 6 (640Hz – 1280Hz)
[Octaves] Said to add definition. Too much = tiny. Can be annoying and causes ear fatigue.
Octave 7 (1280Hz – 2560Hz)
[Octaves] Upper Mids. Known as the “Presence Octave”
Octave 8 (2560Hz – 5120Hz)