Romantic Era dates
Misummer Night’s Dream composer
Felix Mendelssohn
Midsummer Night’s Dream genre
concert overture
Midsummer Night’s Dream performing forces
symphony orchestra
Midsummer Night’s Dream form
sonata form
program music
instrumental music with extra-musical associations inspired by literature, art, etc.
concert overture
A freestanding progrmattic orchestral work not aconnected to an opera or ballet.
sonata form
The most important musical form of the Classical era, consisting of Exposition, Development and Recapitulation.
“study” – a work that focuses on developing a technical skill
rhythmic flexibility
extensive use of notes outside of the key signature
patriotism expressed through music
Revolutionary Etude composer
Frederic Chopin
Revolutionary Etude genre
solo piano work
Modern Era dates
A story is told through music and a highly stylized form of dance.
two or more keys sounding simultaneously, creating dissonance
Petrushka composer
Igor Stravinsky
Petrushka genre
Petrushka instrumentation
oarge orchestra with expanded percussion (including piano)
rondo form
A structure where the A section alternates with contrasting sections.
pentatonic scale
a five note scale often used in folk music
electronic music
Music created by electronic means using devices such as tape recorders, synthesizers, computers.
Dripsody composer
Hugh LeCaine
Dripsody genre
electronic music
Dripsody performing forces
recorded sound of dripping water
musique concrete
Electronic music made by recording natural sounds on magnetic tape and manipulating them.
Koko composer
Duke Ellington
A largely improvised style, featuring syncopation, blues scale, bule notes. African American origin.
twelve-bar blues
A common musical structure in jazz music consisting of three 4-bar phrases
Koko genre
12-bar blues