Large scale work for soloists, chorus, and orchestra. Unstaged.
French Overture
Baroque orchestral genre; first part is slow, homophonic with dotted figures, second part is fast with imitative texture.
Speech-like style of singing used in opera, oratorio, cantata.
recitativo secco
Speech-like, declamatory style of singing supported only by continuo.
recitativo accompagnato
Speech-like, declamatory style of singing supported by instrumental ensemble.
da capo aria
Three part structure (ABA). The most common song type in Baroque opera and oratorio.
A group of notes sung on a single syllable/vowel.
The text of an opera, oratorio or cantata.
homorhythmic texture
All voices sing the same rhythm.
George Frideric Handel
A term used for overly ornate art, architecture and music of the 17ty and early 18th centuries.
figured bass
Numbers placed below the bass line to show the harmonic progression.
basso continuo
Two performers, one playing the bass line and the other plying the harmonies (on keyboard).
equal temperment
A method of tuing hwere the semitones within the octave are divided equally.
terraced dynamics
Baroque practice of changing dynamincs abruptly.
Doctrine of the Affections
One emotional state is projected through an entire composition or movement.
word painting
music mirrors the literal meaning of words
idiomatic writing
Music which highlights the unique technical capabilities of an instrument.