Define or describe the term Romanticism as it applies to the arts and more specifically to music
Music started to focus less on form and structure and more on emotions and feelings
Describe at least 3 sociocultural influences on Romantic music
3 sociocultural influences were the Industrial Revolution, the French Revolution, and dramatic thoughts and actions
Describe at least 3 functions of music in the Romantic era
3 functions of music in the Romantic era were dancing, chamber music, and music as a profession
Define the term nationalism as it applies to Romantic music
Nationalism is when a composer used familiar tunes in their composition, like folk songs, that they drew from their native lands
Who was the composer whose career was a model for many Romantic composers?
One of two orchestras that are the third-oldest in the world
New York Philharmonic
What word is commonly used for a Romantic art song with a German text?
A study piece, designed to help a performer master specific technical difficulties
One movement orchestral composition based to some extent on a literary or pictorial idea
Symphonic poem
Which composer developed the symphonic poem?
Berlioz’s “Fantastic Symphony is unified by the recurrence of what kind of theme?
Idee fixe
What did Wagner call idee fixe in his operas later?
Lief motif
What years did the Romantic period encompass
Who composed the Fantastic Symphony?
Who composed Swan Lake?
Who composed The Ring of Nibelung?
Who composed The New world Symphony?
Who composed the Nutcracker?
Who composed Madame Butterfly?
Who composed Die Walkure?