Define the term Renaissance as it applies to the arts and more specifically to music
Renaissance is the rebirth of classical music centered in Greece and Rome. The music was only meant to be sung in church
Discuss at least three sociocultural influences on Renaissance music
Renaissance: The church was where most of the music was planned
Humanism: People started relying on their values instead of religion
Reformation: Helped introduce more music
Discuss at least three functions of Renaissance music
Church: At first music was only in the church and a capella (mostly)
Entertainment: Started being used in the streets to entertain bystanders
Dancing: Dancers and performers used music as accompaniment
True or false: The Renaissance in music occurred between 1450 to 1600
The five parts of the Mass Ordinary are
Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Agnus Dei
The intellectual movement known as what focused on human life and its accomplishments
Early renaissance composers came from an are of Europe known as
The most influential patron of Renaissance music is
Catholic Church
True or false: Instrumental music became more important than vocal music in the Renaissance
The texture of Renaissance music is chiefly what?
Unaccompanied vocal music
A capella
What are the two main forms of sacred Renaissance music?
Mass and motet
Palestrina’s career was centered where?
True or false: Palestrina’s music included over 100 masses and some 450 other works
An attempt was made to purify music in the Catholic Church as a result of what?
The Reformation
True or false: During the Renaissance every educated person was expected to read music, play an instrument and be skilled in the dance
Briefly describe the difference between the motet and the madrigal
They are really similar except a motet gets its text straight from the Bible and is only meant for church and the madrigal is meant for entertainment and gets its text from folklore
The Renaissance madrigal began around 1520 in which European country?
Describe the term word painting and in what vocal form it was used
A word painting is when the music paints a picture or how the piece is sung. It describes the words or text of the song
True or false: Much of the music in the Renaissance could be either sung or played as indicated by the direction of the composer
What is a versatile string instrument with a body shaped like a pear, popular during the Renaissance?
Identify two popular dances of the Renaissance
Galliard and Pazzamess
Who was the most important Italian Renaissance composer?
Who was the leading proponent of the Reformation?
Martin Luther
The Reformation led to the establishment of what church?
Most of Renaissance music was based on what technique?
Briefly describe the five types of imitation used in the Renaissance
Canonic: Like a round
Inversion: Flip the melody
Retrogression: Backwards
Augmentation: Double the note value
Dimination: Half the not value