TDM stands for?

Time Division Multiplexing
What are characteristics of TDM?
DSP Power
192 kHz sampling
Expandable i/o
HD Core Card is a required PCI card? T / F
HD Accel card allows how many PCI or PCIe cards?
2 PCIe
HD Accel card has how many DSP chips?
PCIe is Mac only?
Each HD card supports how many audio interfaces and channels of i/o?

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2 Audio Inter.
32 Chan. i/o

All 192 AD has 8?
Analog Inputs
192 DA has?
8 Analog Outputs
the I/O Option Bay has how many AES/EBU, TDIF, ADAT?
16 of each.
HD 1 Accel has how many channels of i/o?
HD 2 has how many channels of I/O?
What is the max number of channels an HD system can have?
Requires how many cards and interfaces?
5 Card system and 10 interfaces
HD System has a max of how many voices at 44.1/48kHz?
192 Voices
Accel and Core cards add how many voices at 44.1/48kHz?
96 voices
DAE playback buffer affects the throughput latency.  T / F ?
Windows -> System Usage -> ?
PCI Bus Activity
CPU Activity
What TDM voices are allocated?
Currently used voices.
Voices allocated in playback engine option.
TDM Timeshifts
Timeslot is?
An audio pathway used to route audio signals within the system.
How many timeslots at 48k in HD?

*256 timeslots at 96k in HD

HD Engine = ?
Delay on a DSP while processing is caused bY?
Processing & Routing
How do you compensate for DSP-inducted delay?

* Time adjuster plug-in
* Use automatic delay compensation.

What does the Time Adjuster do?
Delays unprocessed track to match DSP delay of processed track.
Delay compensation does whaT?
Maintains time alignment across tracks with different processing delays.
Using delay compensation is in the -> Setup -> ______ -> Delay?
Playback Engine
Long is up to 4095 samples high DSP usage. Whats Short?
1023 samples , low DSP usage.
All tracks are time aligned at what?
The HW Buffer. (CPU)
Parallel compression is also known as what?

NY Compression

NY Compression is two identical drum subgroups.  One is compressed & EQ’d while the other is?
A Bus is an internal audio path used to?
Combine signals.
How many mono buses are in Pro Tools HD?
128 mono
Pre-fader send to ?
Bus as the input of ?
How can you tell if a signal clips?
Monitor Processing Meter
How else can you tell if a signal clips bus?
Exrension on the output window.
How many voices are used by a mult?
Only as many as the original signal.
Key input ends to bus Post or Pre fader.; Does the External key have to be on?
How else would you create a key input other than using a Send?
By using a Multiple Track Output.
AUX Tracks control volume of ____ subgroup tracks.
Subgroup can be used to create Stems. what is a Stem?
Subset of audio tracks (normally used in a film soundtrack)
Plug-ins processing is done by the ?
TDM Processing is real time and is processed by the ?
DSP Chips
RTAS was the first host based real time type of Pro Tools. T / F
What is the Max user defined groups?
How many banks?
What three things cannot be grouped?
Voice assignment.
Output assignment.
Inserting Plug-Ins.
Groups active in one;view are active in both. T / F
Setups -; Preferences -; _________?
If a group member is hidden;MIX functions will apply to hidden track. _____ functions will not apply to hidden track?
Lowercase group letters mean?
track is member of only one active group.
Uppercase mean?
More than one active group.

What symbol means tghat some members of a group are selected?

What symbol stands for all members of that group being selected, but no others.
Solid Dot
Bullseye means?
All members of the group are selected.

Off, Read, Write, Touch are 4 of the seven Modes of Automation what are the other 3?

Auto off disables writing and reading? T/F
Auto read allows _______ and disables _______.
Reading (playback);;;;;;;;;; writing.
Auto latch is also known as ?
Update mode.
in Touch / Latch faders are in touch and encoders are in latch?

(TDM only)

Trim mode is also known as?
Relative Write mode.
Trim mode doesnt affect the volume or send level ONLY?; T / F


What can be automated?
Volume, Pan, and Mute
MIDI only has what type of Automation?
Automation is written not recorded. T/F
Thinning reduces the number of ?
Coalescing Automation combines what?
Trim or VCA playlists into affected tracks playlists.
Suspending automation disables?
Writing/Erasing ; Playback of data.
What does Capture do?
Captures the value of every writing parameter.
Plug-in controls must be enabled? T/F
Automation preferences are saved on the ____ ?
Do preferences apply to all and every session until you change them;?
Create breakpoints with the ____?
Grabber tool.
Special Editing Automation has multiple levels of Automation.
Graphic edits follow the Edit ___?

what is a Bank?

A group of tracks mapped to the available controls.
What is Emulation?
Mimicking the behavior of another control surface to be compatible with Pro Tools.
D-Control (ICON) has how many faders?
D-Command has how many faders? Whats the Max?
8 faders , 24 max