A 1/4” Connector is always balanced
A XLR is always balanced, True or False?
Electric motive force
Voltage is represented with?
Ohms Law relates to the following quality
Current Voltage Resistance
Current is measured in?
Capacitor is used for?
Storing energy
Ohms law relates to the following quality?
Current Voltage Resistance
Transformers are used to?
Increase and decrease AC Voltage.
Power is the rate at which energy is expanded. T or F?
Maintaining a proper level is known as?
Gain Staging
What’s Eq?
Frequency level dependent control.
inline and split console differences?
Inline has 2 paths per input module.
Unity gain between input and output device
No change in level
What is phantom power?
48 v DC
A headphone or a que mix should be sent to the ________.
Pre Fader Aux
A filters cutoff frequency defines?
The frequency at which the filter starts to work
In order to boost a mic frequency you need ________.
Pre Amp
TRS means?
Tip Ring Sleeve.
TDM means?
Time Division Multiplexing.
If you have a bad anti aliasing it can cause________.
Pro Tools LE operates using ________.
Host CPU
What type of DAW is logic Pro
“Host Based”
what does a systems bit depth range determine?
Dynamic range and amplitude.
DSP can be applied how?
Destructively and non destructively
What could an active anti aliasing figure add?
Tool used for sibilance?
De esser (5-7k)
When wiring a patch bay to itself to maintain connections, this is known as?
What makes a delay a ping pong delay?
Each repeat alternates between left and right speaker.
Combining a high pass filter and a low pass filter results in what?
Band Pass filter
A filter with a variable que, boost, or cut is a ?
Parametric EQ
A device who’s gain above the output remains constant above the threshold regardless of the input gain.
The pause between the arrival of the direct sound and the first early reflection. (The paths of arrival)
A filter that only attenuates signal and has no ability to boost frequencies is known as?
Passive EQ
The point where a compressor transfer of gain turn from airtime.
One cycle of a sine wave is.
360 degrees
What is the negative or downward cycle?
Fletcher munson curves are a measure of ________
Equal loudness
The smallest amplitude the ear can recognize is____.
3 db
The harmonics and the fundamental frequency when combined produce ____________.
Equal loudness contours tell us the best monitoring level is 85 – 90 db.
the human ear is the most sensitive between?
1-4 k
the distance of one cycle is known as?
The wavelength
The brain determines the direction of sound using.
Arrival time differences / Wave differences / Inter Aural differences / Inter aural phase.
The value of midi data ranges between
0 – 127
Time correction for midi
Midi Cables max length?
50 ft
What type of protocol is midi?
What is an example of continuous controller data?
Pitch bend
The max number of midi devices attached to a single through port when daisy chaining.
The notes of the chord can happen at the same exact time. T or F?
In midi whats the message called when switching one sound to another sound?
Program Change
What’s velocity?
The speed the key or the pad is pressed.
what would be the best way of preventing room rumble while recording?
Bass roll of switch on the microphone.
what mic needs phantom power?
What mic’s suffer the most from proximity effect?
Cardioid and figure 8
standing at zero degrees and standing directly into the mic is known as?
On Axis
The most common mic known for capturing snare or tom?
Shure SM57
DI stands for?
Direct Injection
The phase reverse switch, what does it do?
Inverts the signal 180 degrees
What mic’s can handle High SPL and are most used for common sound?
How many semitones are in an Octave?
Beats are organized into cycles called?
Bars and measures.
What’s harmony
The presence of two or more pitches at the same time.
The primary section of a song
Verse, chorus, and bridge.
Concert pitch is?
440 Hz
The first beat of a measure is called?
The fifth scale degree is known as?
The ledger line is used to?
Extend the staff
4/4 is known as?
Common time
What major component was absent during the medieval time?
Rhythmic notation
When working in the studio what do you most listen to?
Stereo bus
Why are Direct outs used to send signal to tape?
It’s the shortest path