What can be assigned from Icon?
Inserts, Sends, I/O
Logic in Flex, Can you edit audio?
What shows in List in Logic?
MIDI Events, Key Sig, Tempo Change
Logic, what does freeze do?
Creates a temp. audio file + bypasses plugins
As an asst. engineer, there’s a prob. and you/studio is receiving excessive abuse, who should you go to?
Studio Manager
Who’s responsible for backing up PT sessions?
Assistant Engineer
A good asst. engineer ________
Should be present but act invisibly
What does a system’s bit depth resolution determine?
Dynamic Range
Process of measuring instant voltage lvl (analog) and converting it to binary info (digital)?
Correct combo for AFL solo?
Stereo, non-destructive
Unity gain btw input and output of a device refers to?
No change in lvl
An exciter adds what to the high freq?
Harmonic distortion
What is multi band compression?
Individually compressing each freq range
Most important tool for mastering?
Your ears
Digital audio has what safety to protect from pops/clicks?
Error Correction
What is parallel compression?
Blending a heavily compressed copy of a signal with the original
Dither belongs at what stage of mastering?
During final bounce
What freq do you want to avoid when adding a stereo spread to a master?
100 Hz
Tool to increase dynamics of a squashed mix?
T/F, compressing your mix so you eliminate dynamic range is good?
Lexicon 480L can be config to have how many discrete reverbs/FX?
Why is checking your mix in mono important?
To check Phase
UA 1176 is?
A compressor
Sibilence in a male vocal is what range?
4-7 kHz
When mixing, you always have to start with drums first?
Number one concern when multiple mics on same sound source?
What makes great mixes?
Great recordings make great mixes
Which window in PT do we audition files and drag files to tracks?
T/F, pressing enter during playback creates marker?
Shortcut to mute regions?
Command + M
To duplicate, 3 ways?
Opt + drag, Cmd + D, Opt + R, Copy + Paste
Shift + Opt + Cmd?
Shift + Opt?
Do to selected
Do to all
When stretching drums w/ Elastic Audio, which setting?
3 fader groups in PT?
Mix, Edit, Both
SSL, Consider only the analog capabilities of the SSL AWS900, what kind of console?
SSL, Ch. strip settings that are saved in total recall?
EQ, Sends, Compressors
SSL, What series EQ is the default on the AWS900?
SSL, Ch. insert of EQ, pre or post?
SSL, input section has?
All of Above (48 V, Phase, Line)
SSL, what solo to not completely cut other signals?
Solo In Front
SSL, default solo mode?
Solo In Place
SSL, change input from mic to line?
SSL, how many track busses?
SSL, which DAWs can you use?
SSL, to control software, what protocol does it use?
In control room, we need to eliminate early reflections ___?
To prevent phase cancel
What will affect reverb time in a room?
Surface materials, size, mostly everything
Staggered stud construction encourages isolation by?
Incorporating airspace between frame
What is RT-60?
Time it takes for signal to decay -60 dB
Good high freq absorber?
Which can be used to absorb low freq?
Nothing small, panel absorber
What is a sound lock?
Series of doors to keep airspace btw outside and studio
What is floating a room?
Decoupling it
Common types of sync modes?
Chase Lock
To see session start time and incoming time code?
Session Setup window (Cmd + 2)
What is word clock?
A pulse wave that syncs
Time code should be recorded on an edge track to?
Avoid bleed
Frame rate for motion picture work?
24 fps
Common connector used for word clock?
Main advantages of longitudinal time code over vertical (LTC vs. VTC)
LTC can be striped ahead of time
SMPTE time address, how many slots and what are they?
8 slots, HRS:MIN:SEC:FRAME (00:00:00:00)