Fader Group hot key/options/how to disable
cmd-g; mix/edit/both; cmd-shit-g
What elastic audio option do you use for stretching drums?
Hot key to access quantize window
What tool do you use to warp points?
What are the 5 functions of beat detective and what do they do?
generate: moves grid
conform: same as quantize
extract: groove templates
smooth: cross-fade and fill gaps
separate: same as a “B”- breaks in transient
Hot keys to zoom in and out of waveform
How to Cascade
hot key to toggle loop playback
shift/cmd/L or cmd click in transport
When dragging one region from one track to another, press _______ to restrict horizontal movement
How to align region with marker
click marker once, click cntrl then click region with grabber only
Different ways to duplicate a region
option drag, cmd-d, cmd-c/cmd-v, option-R
mute clip
ticks are locked to _______ , samples are locked to ______
tempo/bars:beats; time
_____ cycles through edit tools
What is the first step when using beat detective?
capture selection
Hot keys to fade in/crossfade/fade out
D: fades in, G: fades out, F: x-fades. d&g must have cursor blinking on unselected region
True or False: You can NOT access the pencil tool through smart tool
Which mode in beat detective is most similar to event quantize menu?
What is SRC?
Sample Rate Conversion
Time Compression Expansion ( i dont think this is actually on the test)
How to modify cross-fade
double click
Pitch may be adjusted independently of time and nondestructively: True or False
True. Event-Transpose (opt-T)
Hot Key to clear all clips