What does the selector tool do?
Single Click- Selects spot you want cursor at
Double Click- Select that Clip (Region)
Triple Click- Selects the Whole track All Clips (Regions)
What are the options for Pan depth in the session set up window?
-2.5, -3, -4.5, -6dB
What are the options for delay compensation and where is it located?
short, long and maximum
playback engine
When are you supposed to use pre-fader metering?
When recording
What are the edit modes?
shuffle, spot, slip, grid (grid modes= relative & absolute)
What is the clip gain range?
-144dB to – 36dB
Shortcut for strip silence?
What happens to the old playlist when you make a new one?
Hides it
(with keyboard focus mode on) you can scroll up and down through the tracks using what?
What are the ways to make a break?
(when keyboard focus is off) cmd-E (keyboard focus on) B
How do you tab to transient?
Tab (keyboard focus on/tab to transients on)
What is zoom toggle?
Lets you define and toggle between Zoom states in the Edit Window.
-Vertical Zoom????
-Horizontal Zoom
-Track Height
Hot key to explode zoom?
What is the new plugin format?
AAX (64 bit)
Can you have a native aax and a DSP?
What is the plugin that you can write right onto the track?
How do you mute part of a track?
What does the target button do
You can have more then one floating window (plugin, sends, inserts, etc) open at the same time
What does import session data do?
Import any information
How do you create a marker while it’s playing?
fn Return (or Enter on numeric keypad)
What is the keyboard shortcut for toggle between insertion follows playback (tape machine mode)?
What can you store in a Marker?
General properties
Different selection types?
maker, timeline, and tool selection
When exporting choose ____/_____ to transport audio files & edits
Tap Tempo shortcut?
Turn off conductor, hit T
Do you have to consolidate tracks when you go into logic from PT?
How do you activate the MIDI/instrument track?
Turn on little speaker looking thing on the top next to the clock (whatever)
How do you loop record MIDI?
Turn on midi merge & loop playback
Automation modes and functions
touch-Writes only when a fader or switch is touched or click with the mouse.
latch-Writes only when a fader or switch is touched or clicked with the mouse does NOT revert back after you let it go
read-plays any automation previously written
write-Writes from the time it starts to the time it stops erasing anything previously written