What’s in a Budget
# and cost of producers, artists advances, studio time, mastering, engineering, hired musicians, travel and lodging
When to create a budget
once you have money or when you are looking for it
What’s in a schedule
Pre-production, Recording, Mastering, Mixing
What are the Producers Administrative duties?
Sample Clearance, File Licenses, Releases from hired musicians, Keep track of all records and receipts
Factors involved in aquiring financial support
Quality of product, your belief, enthusiasm, and organization of the product
sources of financial backing
friends or family, regular investors, club owners, budget and save your own money
Extra Financial factors
Demo, Live Showcase, Business Plan
What do Record companies want
an original image, a great song, singer, or vocals, talent that can be developed, reliability, and SALES
How to establish a Network
Establish a rapport within the industry, workshops, conferences, have business cards made
What do you need before pre-production
a band you like, the band is good, you can connect with the band, the band has money
How to set up the meeting
Schedule it, make sure the entire band can attend, make sure you’ve met them all before the meeting
Pre-Production meeting content
Talk about different ways to produce the record and what you think is best
Pre-Production homework
Keep a notebook for each project, get songs on tape, get all of the lyrics on paper, make song maps of structure, go through each song and critique 11 aspects, schedule the order of the recording of songs & music
What are the passions and references?
Intensity, arguments, perfectionists, and don’t get touchy
How important is what you need to say, sometimes it isn’t worth saying, positive feedback and redirection
Time constraints
Don’t make it a workshop, define one or two points, collect as many ideas as possible