Where do you go to set the number of RTAS processors?
Setup Playback Engine
How many tracks are hidden on the screen shot?
count unselected tracks
What is the Calender Looking button at the bottom of the Mix window?
mix window views
Where do you find AMS or MSS?
Setup – Midi – Midi Studio
Is this track Midi or Instrument?
If it is instrument it has piano keys icon at the bottom of the track
Midi has a 5 pin din
When do you use dither?
when going from higher bit depth to lower bit depth
How do you audition regions in the regions list?
Opt Click
What type of audio cannot be imported into both Win and Mac Pro Tools?
What menu do you find the workspace browser?
How do you set pre and post roll?
Option click
What does not get imported when you import session data?
Session preferences
Is your I/O setup determined from the last created session, or the last time you saved?
Last time you saved
What does the icon that says group on it represent?
region group
How do you record enable tracks on the fly?
Command + up and down arrows
Which timescale is not sample based?
bars: beats
How many audio signals can rewire send?
How many modules does synchronic have?
Which is not a module of syncronic plug-in?
Which module in synchronic allows you to loop audio samples?
Sound Module
Real-time properties apply to which type of track?
Midi, Instrument, Midi Regions
A master fader doesn’t have this control?
All of the above
Where is step input quantize?
Event – Event operations
What key lets you selct non-contiguous regions in the regions list?
Of the 5 options in beat detective how many were audio only?
What can you tell about the plug in picture below?
plug in name is in dark blue – blug in window is closed and is bypassed
What does the pencil tool turn into when placed over the middle of a midi note?
The grabber
How many mix and edit groups can you have?
What way can you not sort tracks by in the track list?
region id
What menue do you find pre-post roll under?
What is default tempo?

what is default meter?

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What is the defaulkt key signature?



C Maj

What toll do you use to look at takes in loop record?
Command Click with the Selector Tool
How many inserts can you have on a track?

how many sends?

5. 10.
How do you select midi notes?
What is the tick value of a 1/8″ note?
What type of record is this?
Loop Record
What type of playback is this?
Loop Playback
What tool do you use to view alternate takes in loop record?
The selector tool
What is the key combination to audition regions?
The crossfade with the picture?
describe how it sounds?
Picture of comment is a…
selecting midi notes?
shift click each note with grabber
draw a rectangle…

all of the above

what menu is beat detective?
what will happen when you process the picture?
new regions appear for all processed/unprocessed/and partial regions
What menu do you enable pre/post roll?
what menu is i/o setup under?
how many internal busses in LE?
What can be added to a region group?
all of the above…

single or multiple audio tracks

what can real time properties be applied to?
midi, instrument, midi regions