What can you format in the I/O Setup Window?

Inputs, Outputs, Buses, Inserts,

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Mic Pres (if available)

Are I/O Settings stored with the session or on the system?
With the Session
What does “Default” do in the I/O Setup Window?
Makes new default paths up to the capacity of your current system; and renames them
How do you Audition a file in the Regions List?
Option + click and hold
What is used to setup MIDI on Mac systems?
AMS (Audio MIDI Setup)
What is used to setup MIDI on a Windows system?
MSS (MIDI Studio Setup)
What are the 3 sections of the MSS window?

-Interface Controls

-Instrument Name List

-Properties Section

In what menu can you find AMS in Pro Tools?
Setup>MIDI>MIDI Studio
What does OMS stand for?
Open Music System
What software did AMS replace?
How do you delete all connections in AMS?
MIDI>Clear All Connections
If you wanted to make a new Image for a device in AMS, where would you place that file on your system so AMS can locate it properly?
/Library/Audio/MIDI Devices/Generic/Images
Where are the device model names stored for AMS?

.middev files located in:

Root/Library/Audio/MIDI Devices

When routing MIDI in Pro Tools, what are the 2 main signal flow systems?

-Control System Signal

-Audio Signal System

When routing MIDI in Pro Tools, what is the basic signal flow?

1) MIDI data from control source to MIDI/Ins. track

2)MIDI data from MIDI track to synth

3)Audio from synth sent to Audio/Aux track

I/O view is always visible in the Edit Window.

(true or false)


it is always visible in the MIX Window

In what menu can you Show/Hide Comments, I/O, Sends, Inserts, etc.?

View>Edit Window>

View>Mix Window>

How do you quickly hide any column in the Edit Window?
Option+click at the top of the column
How do you change track width in the Mix Window?
View>Narrow Mix
Where do you go to Optimize Host Based Performance?
Setup>Playback Engine
In what menu does the Playback Engine reside?
the Setup menu
What can you control in the Playback Engine?

-Hardware Buffer Size

-RTAS Processors

-CPU Usage Limit


What is a good rule of thumb for the H/W Buffer Size?
Record Low; Mix Big
What doe sthe CPU Usage Limit control?
Controls the percentage of processing poser that is purely dedicated to Pro Tools
How do you change the DEFAULT sample rate?



(with NO session open)

Are Hardware settings stored with the session or the system?
with the system
What are the 2 types of External Controllers?

-Mixing/Editing Worksurfaces

-Performance Controllers

What is the difference between Worksurfaces and Performance Controllers?
Worksurfaces are “glorified mice”; while performance controllers are like MIDI keyboards
What is the only Workstation that connects via USB?
Command 8
What are the maximum number of Faders on a D-Control?
What is the maximum number of Faders available on a Pro Control?
What is the maximum number of Faders available on a Control 24?
What is the best Workstation for Pro Tools?
What are some basic specs for Pro Tools LE?
Up to 24-bit; 96kHz; 32 simultaneous Audio tracks; 256 MIDI tracks
What are the 2 expantion options for Pro Tools LE?

-DV Toolkit

-Music Production Toolkit

What are some plugins that come with the Music Production Toolkit?




What are some plugins that come with the DV Toolkit?

DigiTranslator 2.0

SynchoArts VocAlign

What does the Universe window show?
shows view of the whole session but doesn’t show the hidden tracks
How do you play a Quicktime Movie externally?
Options;Quicktime DV out Firewire
What are the different DigiBase Browsers?




Catalog (DigiBase Pro Only)

In what browser can you mount and unmount drives? (volumes)
What browser is used for fixing things, like offline regions?
Project Browser
How do you audition a track in a browser?
Click on the waveform
When you audition a file through the browser, what path does it play through
The “default Audition Path” set in the I/O Setup Window