Digi 002

Integrated control surface that communicates with your Pro Tools softwate through a FIREWIRE connection.

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18 channels of simultaneous audio I/O

8 motrized, touch-sensitive faders

8x4x2 digital mixer 

What are all the inputs and outputs on a Digi 002?

8 analog 1/4 inch line input, four that can be alternatively be used as XLR mic inputs with preamps

8 1/4 inch analog outputs

8 channels of 24-bit ADAT Optical I/O

2 channels of 24-bit S/PDIf digital I/O

1 midi In

 2 midi Out


8-channel Octane preamp

*Popular for expanding 002 system

*When used with 002 provides 12 total mic inputs

*8 channels, useful for miking drum kits or bands, and connects to a Digi 002 an ADAT Lightpipe optical connector 

*Any of the 8 can be used as 1/4 inch analog inuts

*2 of Octanes channels provide instrument preamps 

I/O Setup dialog box

Allow you to completely customize the mixing environment for each project.

* Labeling inputs and outputs


Provides tools to label, format, and map the signal paths for Pro Tools

Also lets you route the I/O ports on your audio interface to Pro Tools inputs and outputs