What bit depth, sample rate and simultaneous track playback numbers does ProTools support?
24 bit audio, sample rates up to 192 khz, playback of up to 96 mono or stereo tracks simultaneously.
ProTools score editor windows allows you to __ MIDI from your session as music notation.
View, edit, arrange, and print.
ProTools Software is available in what three main System Configurations?
Pro Tools Host-Based, ProTools Core Audio/ASIO, ProTools HD.
What does the ProTools Complete Production Toolkit provide?
Up to 192 Mono Audio Tracks, Mixing in 7.1 surround, up to 128 instrument tracks.
True or False: ProTools HD relies solely on CPU processing power for plug-ins and mixing tasks.
Audio Files for a ProTools Session are stored where?
Audio Files Folder
The ProTools Playback Engine Dialog is located where?
Setup Menu
True or False: The Volume Fader in the Mix Window does not affect the Input Gain of the signal being recorded.
True or False: Broadcast WAV is the default file type for all ProTools Systems.
The edit window displays what types of cursors?
Edit and Playback
Which Audio file format would require the most disk space?

44.1 kHz, 16 bit mono
44.1 kHz, 24 bit stereo
88.2 kHz, 16 bit mono
48 kHz, 24 bit stereo
88.2 kHz, 24 bit stereo

88.2 kHz, 24 bit stereo
What does a Red Fader mean on an Audio Track?
The track is record-enabled.
The REMOVE command in the Clear Regions Dialog Box does what?
Removes the Region from the session.
The Import Audio Dialog box can be used to…
Add Audio files to your current session and convert audio files to use in your current session.
What are the ways to Copy Audio files into your current session upon import?
Convert File/Convert All, Holding option and dragging a file to the regions list, selecting ‘Import Audio from file’ when Importing Video.
MIDI is an acronym for what?
Musical Instrument Digital Interface
True or False: An Instrument track provides MIDI and Audio capability in a single channel strip.
How do you verify that a MIDI Input device or MIDI interface is enabled?
Xpand!2 has how many synthesizer slots?
In a MIDI track, what are the two ways to switch to regions view?
Click anywhere in the track with the Selector Tool and press Control + Minus (-), or click on the track view selector and choose Regions from the pop-up list.
With Link Track and Edit Selection enabled, how do you extend an edit selection to a non-adjacent track?
Command-click a track nameplate.
Memory locations allow you to save all but what?
Track Active/Inactive State.
In order to loop a selection of Audio/MIDI for playback, the looped section needs to be how long?
.5 seconds (500 ms)
How do you separate a region at the Edit Insertion point?
Command + E
ProTools provides how many levels of undo?
A 1-bit system would have a theoretical dynamic range of what?
6 dB
True or False: All elements of a ProTools Project are grouped together in a session file.
True or False: ProTools automatically creates a Video Files folder whenever a movie is imported into a session.
What are the primary windows in ProTools?
The Edit and Mix windows.
What are two timebase rulers in ProTools?
Bars|Beats, Samples
You can show and hide control and display elements in which windows?
Edit, MIDI Editor, and Score Editor
The MIDI Editor window can display MIDI data and automation for which types of tracks?
MIDI, Instrument, and Aux Inputs.
Which is not a MIDI control in the transport window?

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Tap Tempo
Wait For Note

Tap Tempo
In the Quick Start Dialog box, what are the different ways to select different Quick-Start options?
Select and click an option with the mouse, or hold Command and press Up or Down key on keyboard.
What are the ways to initiate playback?
Clicking the Play Button in the Edit window, clicking Play in the transport window, or hitting the spacebar.
What are the different ways to open a session?
FILE> OPEN SESSION, FILE> OPEN RECENT, or the Workspace Browser.
Unedited, continuous Audio recordings are known as what in ProTools?
Whole-File Regions
What is the default tempo in ProTools?
120 BPM
Where are the Timeline Selection Fields located?
Edit Window, Transport Window, and MIDI editor window.
How can you switch the Tab-to-Transients function on and off?
Click the Tab-to-Transients toggle button, or Command + Option + Tab.
How many zoom presets are available?
How do you delete all Memory Locations?
Select ‘Delete All’ from the Memory Locations pop-up menu, or Option + Shift-click on a Memory Location in the Memory Location Window.
True or False: Shuffle edit mode affects the Placement and Insertion of individual MIDI notes.
True or False: A hole created in a region can be repaired using the Heal Region command.
How do you open the Undo History Window?
What is the Basic Mode for Recording automation?
What are the two types of Real-Time plugins?
RTAS (Real-Time AudioSuite) and TDM (Time Division Multiplexing)
The DigiRack EQ III plugin is a High Resolution __-bit EQ.
The Save Copy In command allows you to do all but which of the following?

Save multiple versions of a Session at various points in the project

Save the session at different bit depths

Save the session at different sample rates.

Decide which audio files to copy

Save the session to an older version of ProTools.

Decide which audio files to copy
The Bounce to Disk command allows you to control all but which of the following?

Session Format
File Type
File Format
Bounce Source
Sample Rate

Session Format
In ProTools 9 software, how many simultaneous MIDI tracks are allowed in a project?
For ProTools 9 software, the Production Toolkit 2 increases the simultaneous voice count, total voiceable track count, Aux Input count, and instrument track count to what?
192 simultaneous voices, 512 total voiceable tracks, 160 Aux Inptus, and 128 instrument tracks.