what was the first modern musical?
Show boat
what musical was the song “Old Man River” from?
What character sings “Oh What a beautiful morning”, and what Musical is it from?
Curly, from the musical Oklahoma
What are the two groups that fight in the musical West Side Story?
Jets VS. Sharks
define Folk Music
oral heritage passed down by storytelling
what does folk music mostly consist of?
voice and guitar
what two things make up country music?
voice and guitar, so basically folk music
what is the main city for country?
who was known for the thumb-brush style of playing guitar?
Maybelle Carter
define yodeling:
exploiting the break in the voice
who was well known for yodeling?
Jimmy Rogers
early country was known as what type of a style?
all inclusive
what style of voice was used in country singing?
a twang
list the 3 different Latin dances:
Tango, Bossonoca, ChaCha
list the Latin instruments that were made popular
Claves, Timbales
who made Timbales popular?
Tito Puente
who made the mambo popular?
Tito Puente
what 2 countries were the main influence of out Latin music?
Cuba and Brazil
what is Stan Getz popular for, and what instrument did her play?
Brought music from Brazil, and he plays the saxophone
what was the main type of band when Rock and Roll became popular?
Jump bands
Who started a popular Jumb band?
Louis Jordan
what rhythm was Louis Jordan famous for incorporating in his music?
Boogie Woogie rhythm
who was popular for playing in a blues rhythm?
Chuck Berry
who incorporated the Boogie Woogie rhythm to a guitar?
Check Berry
when was the death of rock and roll?
What American style were the Beatles influenced by?
Rock and roll
what band is considered the template for rock and roll?
The Rolling Stones
list the group members for the Beatles
Paul McCartney, Elton John, George Harrison, Ringo Starr
what happened in 1964
The Beatles gave their first performance in the U.S.
What was George Harrison known for?
playing the Indian Sitar which gave the international sound
what group was known for Motown albums?
Funk Brothers
what type of music allowed producer control?
Rock and Motown
give 2 examples of hard rock bands
Led Zepplin, and The Who
what is distortion?
white noise
when were solid body instruments made?
The 60s
when was multi track recording first done?
in the 60s
where did soft rock come from?
Tin Pan Alley
what is U2 known for?
Political messages
when does country reestablish itself? and what does it do to come back?
cross over of slight twang and story telling