when record companies paid djs to put their records into heavy rotation
Frank Sinatra
Big-Band, 1940s. Sultan of Swoon, The Voice.
Nat King Cole
late 1940s-50s, most successful black performer in post war era. Jazz and ballads
Urban Folk Music
Inspired by rural folk but performed by urban intellectuals, catchy sing along type music
The Weavers
Quartet led by singer, banjo player and political activist pete seger. Urban Folk, 1950s
R and B
The new name for “Race music” African american music produced by indie record labels
Country and Western
The new name for “hillbilly” music. Grand Ole Opry. lots of indie labels.
Cover versions
Pop versions of R&B and western songs made by major record labels
Jump blues
First commercially successful category of R&B. Small versions of big band groups with a rythm sections and horns
Louis Jordan
Jump Blues, 1940s
Choo CHhoo Ch’Boogie (listener)
By Louis Jordan, Jump Blues. Cowritten by Milt Gabler. 12 bar blues form. describes a man coming home from war to find no jobs. dance rhythm called shuffle.
Chicago electric blues
Derived from mississippi delta tradition, rough and gritty.
Muddy Waters
Chicago electric blues, late 1940s early 1950s
Doo wop
style of R , vocal harmony groups.
Ruth Brown
R 1950s. “Miss Rhythm”
Mama he treats your daughter mean (listener)
R Ruth Brown, 1953. 16 bar blues. Warm tone and strong rhythmic feeling.
Big Mama Thornton
R 1950s. Sang Hound Dog
Hound Dog – Big mama version
R, Written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, performed by big mama thornton 1953. 12 bar blues
Honky-tonk music
“hard country” or “Beer drinknin music” after prohibition ended, bar hopping was called honky tonkning.
Hank Tompson
Honky tonk, 1950s. The wild side of life
The wild side of life
written by william warren and Arlie carter, performed by hank thomas. honky tonk
Kitty Wells
Honky Tonk, late 1940s most famous in early 50s
It wasnt god that made honly tonk angels
honky tonk, written by JD miller, performed by kitty wells, recorded may 1952. response to “the wild side of life”
Hank williams
most significant post war country figure. late 40’s early 50s
Hey, good lookin
Country, written and performed by hank williams in 1951. 32 bar aaba form.
Rock n roll
mid 1950s, wasnt a “new” style but didnt fit into any other category. Aimed at younger audiences, brought black and white pop styles into close interaction. Targeted baby boomers.
Baby Boomers
huge increase of children born at the end of WWII
Alan Freed
Cleveland DJ who first used the term rock n roll.
Sh-Boom original version
Rock, composed and performed by the chords 1954
Sh-Boom cover version
Rock, Performed by the Crew Cuts 1954. number one on pop charts for 9 weeks.
Shake rattle and roll original version
jump blues R&B, performed by big joe turner 1954
shake rattle and roll cover version
rock, performed by Bill haley and the comets 1954
Elvis Presley
Rock, 1950s
Bill Haley and the Comets
Rock, 1950s
(listener) maybellene
rock written and perfomed by Chuck berry. explosive tempo and based on 12 bar blues. lyrics discuss cars and sex appeal. 1955
Chuck Berry
Rock, 1950s. Maybellene and johnny b goode.
Little Richard
Rock 1950s. played piano and sang.
Fats Domino
R&B then rock. 1950s. from new orleans
Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller
R&B 1950s, wrote hound dog. most innovative rock producers
Hound dog, elvis version
Rock, 1950s, faster than original and with no sexual inuendo
Buddy Holly and the crickets
Rock 1950s “that’ll be the day”
(listener)dont be cruel
music and lyrics by otis blackwell and elvis, performed by elvis 1956. features 12 bar blues format with repetitive guitar hook.
Ritchie valens
Rock, 1950s. mexican american, died at 17
Wanda Jackson
rock, 1950s-60s
Brian Wilson
Leader of Beach boys. Rock 1960s. performer, writer and producer
chubby checker
covered the twist in 1960. rock
phil spector
rock writer and producer in 1960s. in charge of phillies records. “be my baby”
teenage symphonies
Phillies songs with a thick texture string instruments.
(listener) be my baby
composed by phil spector, ellie greenwich, and jeff barry, performed by the Ronettes. teenage symphony and example of wall of sound.
Berry gordy jr.
creator of motown, biggest african american owned business. 1960s.
The supremes
1960s motown group
Smokey robinson (& the miracles)
1960s motown singer songwriter
1960s motown writing/production team
(listener) You cant hurry love
1966 motown. composed by holland-dozier-holland, produced by brian holland and lamont dozier, performed by the supremes. intricate lyrics and structure
Beach Boys
1960s surf rock
The beattles
Started the british invasion. 1960s rock.
(Listener) eleanor rigby
1966 written by john and paul, performed by beatles. opens with major chord shifts to minor chord.
(Listener) Good vibrations
beach boys, no name for the form, music and production brian wilson, lyrics mike love. 1966 costly to produce
Ray Charles
R&B and Soul music 1950s-1960s
James Brown
Godfather of soul. 1960s. papas got a brand new bag. became a political figure
aretha franklin
1960s soul singer
(listener) Papa’s got a brand new bag
composed and performed by james brown and the famous flames 1965. 12 bar blues pattern. repeating instrumental riff.
bob dylan
1960s urban folk
Grateful Dead
psychadelic rock band 1960s. san fran
Janis Joplin
San fran singer 1960s blues
jimi hendrix
rock 1960s
eric clapton
GOD 1960s rock