Jeanie w/ the light brown hair
C-Stephen Foster,P-Thomas Hampson, AABA, Strophic and sectional, single flute
Castle House Rag
P-Castles, C-Jeese Europe, Freak dances, AABBACDEEF, Violins, flute
Tiger Rag
C-Nick Larocca, P-ODJB, Heavily Syncopated, Stop time, improve/polyphonic, trumpet
El Manicero
C-Moises Simons, P-Don Azpiazu and HAven Casino orc., “the peanut vendor”, Cuban roots
My blue Heaven
C-George Whiting, Ballad, P-Gene Austin(crooner), Verse-refrain, AABA, instrumental intro= hook, piano & trumpet
April Showers
C- Louis Silvers, P-Al Jolson( Minstrel singer), Verse-refrain, ABA’C, instrumental intro, Tin Pan alley
I Got Rhythm
C-George Gershwin, P-Ethel Merman (crooner), AABA, Verse-refrain, Uses syncopation
Rhapsody in blue
C-Gershwin, P-Paul whiteman, Bending of tones
After the Ball
Charles K Harris, Strophe-verse, Easy to dance too, sheet music
Maple Leaf Rag
Scott Joplin, AABBACCDD, Early Ragtime Comp.
Stars and Stripes forever
John Phillip Sousa, March, popular after WW1
Embraceable you
George Gershwin, Nat King Cole, ABAC