sound is
energy propagating by means of logitudal pressure/displacement waves produced by a vibrating object
what is the frequency of a sound wave whose period is 25 msec?
40 Hz
what is the speed of sound in water if its frequency is 1000 hz and its wavelength is 1.5m?
Longitudinal waves are
characterized by regions of compression and rarefaction
what is the speed of sound in air when the temperature is 0c?
Pressure is
force per area
what is the frequency of a sound wave that has a wavelength of 20c of precisely two meters?
172 Hz
LIght travels at a speed of 3.0 *10(8) m/s (300,000,000m/s). How many times the speed of sound is this?
about 1 million times
wavelength is
the distance from one point on a wave to its corresponding point on the next cycle.
when a sound is harmonic we mean
that the frequencies in the frequency spectrum are whole number ratios of each other.
A simple harmonic oscillator (SHO) is approximated by four of the following five things. Which of the following NOT a good approximation of a SHO?
a trombone
if one doubles the mass in a simple harmonic oscillator what happens to the frequency?
the frequency decreases by a factor of about 0.707 (1/squareroot2)
You do a Fourier analysis on a sound sample and find the lowest frequency to be 256 Hz and the next higher harmonic to be 512 hz. At what frequency do you expect to find the next higher harmonic?
768 hz
What makes this a true statement, “in space no one can hear you scream in apace?”
sound cannot travel without a medium vacuum means no air no air means no medium
Dr. M weighs 1200 N. If he climbs up a rope how much work has been done?
What is ohm’s law for acoustics?
the human ear is insensitive to the phase of sound waves
why does a square wave sound somewhat like a clarinet?
both contain only odd harmonics for the first few frequency components in their frequency spectra
all of the following exhibit a harmonic series except for which one?
snare drum
Which of the following is the fundamental for the series that contains 260 hz and 390 hz
according to Fourier into a series of what wave type can all periodic waveforms be broken down?
sinusoidal wave
A waveform has a repeat period of 12.5 m/s. What is the lowest frequency in its frequency spectrum?
80 hz
for a two mass, coupled simple harmonic oscillator constrained to move only in a straight line, what are the total number of natural modes of oscillation?
what is the frequency of a simple harmonic oscillator that has a mass m=0.25 kg and a spring constant k=100 N/m
3.18 hz
when you add water to a bottle and blow across its mouth
the frequency gets higher because the “air spring” is stiffer with less volume
A radio produces sound because
the audio signal is encoded in the radiowave amplitude or frequency