similar phrases
phrases with like music, different cadences
dissimilar phrases
phrases with different music and different cadences
cadential repetition
phrases with like or different music, same cadences (in same key)
2 or more phrases, the final one ending with the most terminal cadence
two-phrase period
a period with an antecedent and consequent (question+answer); cadences must be different
phrase chain
two or more dissimilar phrases NOT ending with a terminal cadence
phrase group
two or more similar phrases NOT ending with a terminal cadence
cadential repetition
2 or more phrases with repeated cadences (could be literally repeated phrases)
when a period ends with a terminal cadence in same key as began…
when a period ends with a terminal cadence in a new key or on a new tonic…
phrases that are the same length
phrases with different lengths
phrases have same opening bars (repetition or sequence)
phrases have different opening bars
double period
special type of parallel period with 4 phrases — a two-part antecedent and two-part consequence
thematic material presented or restated
material that connects expository material; unstable, unsteady; sense of incompleteness
material that provides a sudden or unexpected change in tonality, theme, or texture, creating an aside or interjection