When was the piece first performed?
When was the piece composed?
What style is the piece in?
Schoenburg was the pioneer of what?
Atonal music
How many players were in the orchestra for Peripetie?
What were some unusual effects used in the piece?
Cymbal being played with a cello bow and a mallet
What ranges of instruments were used?
Very extreme ranges
How were changes in timbres produced?
Changing instrumentation throughout the piece
How was the melody made up?
Of many, short fragmented motifs put together in different ways
How many motifs in the first section?
How did melodies often sound?
Disjunct and angular
What was one feature used in many of the main melodies?
Ocatve displacement
What are the different metres in the piece?
3/4, 4/4 and 2/4
What’s the tempo?
Very fast (sehr rasch)
Describe the rhythms of the piece
Rhythms are complex and varied and change very quickly. In parts of the piece schoenberg layers a number of different rhythmic patterns on top of each other
What key is the piece in?
Atonal (no key)
What kind of harmonies are used?
Dissonant harmonies
What are chords and melodies made out of?
What is the texture?
Mainly contrapuntal/polyphonic (occasional homophonic/monophonic moments)
How are textures built up?
Through imitation and inversion
Describe the dynamics
Frequent and sudden changes, with a large dynamic range