Give 3 descriptons of the melody in Pavan Lachrime

  • Some decoration – written out trills and turns
  • embelishes notes – short patterns between original melody notes
  • Conjunct with occasional leaps
  • Use of sequence – 3rds
  • Tear motif
  • Balenced phrasing

How is the melody of flow my tears variated in Pavan Lachrime

  • Original notes embelished
  • Alters Rhythm
  • Substitues original patterns with new notes
  • Decoration in lower parts under the original melody

How is the melody decorated in Pavan Lachrime?

  • Written out trills and turns

Describe the phrasing of Pavan Lachrime?
Regular balenced phrasing with some periodic portions
Describe the use of sequence in Pavan Lachrime

  • Ascending 3rds
  • 3 note descending figure
  • Free sequence

Which phonic word best describes Pavan Lachrime?
Mostly Homophonic
Describe 3 textural features of Pavan Lachrime

  • Immitation
  • Canon
  • Free Counterpoint

Describe the layers in Pavan Larchrime

  • Inconsistant – some passages in 3 parts some in 5
  • Similar to 4 part writing

What is free counter point?
When a number of independant parts are woven together
Roughly what key does Pavan Lachrime start in
Looks and sounds like Am
What notes make the tonality uncertain in Pavan Lachrime?
The use of G#’s instead of G’s in chord III
What are the modal elements in Pavan Lachrime?

  • False Relations
  • Use of G#’s instead of G’s in Chord III

Decribe 3 elements of the Harmony of Pavan Lachrime

Any 3 of the following:
  • Uncertain tonality due to G#’s and G’s
  • False Relations & Suspensions
  • Strong elements of functional harmony – dominant chords, root&1st inversion and regular cadences
  • Duple harmonic metre
  • Frequent use of non-chord notes

Describe the stucture of Pavan Lachrime

A variation of ABC


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A A1 B B1 C C1

Describe the instrumentation of Pavan Lachrime

  • Harpsichord
  • No dynamics
  • Harpsichord can’t play sustained notes

Give 2 rhythmic features of Pavan Lachrime

  • Often continuous semi-quavers in 1 part
  • Spread chords as harpsichord can’t play sustained notes
  • 4/4
  • written out trills