Operations Management oversees
all activities that are directly related to making a product or providing a service
Operations management is
the design, operations, and imporvement of the production system that creates the firm’s primary products and services
The five P’s of transformations
people, plants, part, processes, and planning and control
OM decisions can be classified into 3 categories
1 strategic
2 tactical
3 operational
Strategic decisions
5-20 yrs

long range business plans, such as the acquisition of new resources

Tactical decisions
2-5 yrs

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refers to medium range decisions, the utilization of existing resources

Operational decisions
day to day

narrowly focused for a short time frame, usually involving the execution of schedules or control activities

Operations strategy is
concerned with setting broad policies and plans for using the production resources of a firm to best support the firms long term competitive strategy
Role of a company’s operations can be classified into 1 of 4 categories in this hierarchy
1 Internally Neutral
2 Externally Neutral
3 Internally Supportive
4 Externally supportive
Internally neutral
don’t mess up, minimize the downside
Externally neutral
keeping up with the ones, operations is required to match the performance of competitiors