Name two light lyric mezzos
Horne, Baltsa
Name two contraltos
Ferrier, Forrester
Name a full lyric soprano
Renee Fleming, Kiri te Kanawa
Name a dramatic tenor
Caruso, Pavarotti
Name a Heldentenor
Name a baritone
Merrill, Milnes
Name a coloratura
Battle, Sills
Name two lyric mezzo roles
Cherubino and Dorabella
Name two soubrette roles
Zerlina (Don Giovanni), Papagena (flute)
Name two spinto soprano roles
Leonore (Fidelio), Aida
Name two dramatic soprano roles
Isolde (Tristan und Isolde), Brunnhilde (Walkure)
Name a lyric baritone role
Figaro (Barber)
Name a dramatic baritone role
Don Giovanni
Name a bass-baritone role
Name a lyric tenor role
Name a heldentenor role
Name two pants roles
Cherubino and Octavian (Rosenkavalier)
What is the spanish equivalent of opera?
The first native Brit to write opera?
What delayed British opera?
Cromwell banned theater
What German composer moved to England and continued composing there in the 1700s?
Who was the greatest 20th century opera composer?
Name an opera by Britten
Midsummer Night’s Dream, Rape of Lucretia, Billy Budd
Describe the operas of the Victorian era
English not considered good enough–written in Italian
What opera did Stravinsky write in English?
The Rake’s Progress
What are some problems with the development of American opera?
New country, religious objections, no way to market native operas
Where did people go in America for opera before the Met?
The Academy of Music
Name two American opera composers
Gershwin, Copland, Berstein, Floyd
Name an opera by Copland
Name an opera by Gershwin
Porgy & Bess
Name an opera by Bernstein
Name an opera by Floyd
Name an opera by Ricky Ian Gordon
Grapes of Wrath
Name an opera by Libbey Larsen
Name some crossover works between opera and musical theatre
Les Mis–Schonberg
Street Scene–Weill
Where was the first opera house in Russia?
St. Petersburg
The first operas performed in Russia were in what language?
Who brought opera to Russia?
Katherine the Great
Name an opera by Glinka?
A Life for the Tsar
The “Mighty Handful” were from what country?
The most important of the “Mighty Handful”:
What role does the chorus play in Russian opera?
It is often the chief figure
Name an opera by Tchaikovsky
Eugene Onegin
Name an opera by Perkoviav
Love of three oranges, War and Peace
Name an opera by the Czech composer, Smetana
The Bartered Bride
Name an opera by Czech composer, Dvorak
What French composer was one of the originators of the operetta form?
Name Offenbach’s most famous opera
Tales of Hoffman
Who is known as the Waltz King?
Name an opera by Strauss?
Die Fledermaus, Rosenkavalier
Who is the American equivalent of Strauss?
What political movement influenced opera in the 19th century?
Nationalism. Folk melodies, anti-sematism
What was the polar opp. of Italian opera?
German opera
What was the Goosemarket theater? Where? What were its contributions?
First middle-class, independent theater w/o help of nobles. In Hamburg. Operas by Germans in German. Handel emerged from it.
What is a singspiel?
“Song-play”. German comic opera–contains dialogue.
Name two singspiel operas by Mozart
The Magic Flute, Abduction from the Seraglio
What was Beethoven’s contribution to opera?
Developed the overture. More romantic freedom. Transition from classical to romantic.
Name an opera by Beethoven and tell what it’s about
Fidelio. The story of Leonore rescuing her husband from a Spanish prison.
When did romanticism in the arts arise?
second half of the 18th century
What effect did Romanticism have on opera?
move away from the da capo aria. More emphasis on nature
Who was Carl von Weber?
Pianist. Mozart’s cousin by marriage.
How did Wagner affect opera?
Broke down classical tonality. Pre-cursor to atonality. Huge choruses, orchestras. Universal themes.
What was the name of the theater Wagner built?
The Festival Theater
What is Wagner’s “Der Ring des niblungen”? Name its parts
Cycle of four epic dramatic operas based on Norse sagas. Rheingold, Walkure, Siegried, Gotterdammerung
What was Wagner’s term for the total work of art?
Name some Wagnerian operas (aside from ring cycle)
Tristan & Isolde, Flying Dutchman
What were Wagner’s influences in politics?
He was in favor of the “purification” of society.
Most direct heir to Wagner and one of his operas
Humperdinck– Hansel und Gretel
Wagner’s 20th century heir
Strauss’s first mature opera? Based on?
Salome, based on play by Oscar Wilde. Banned in London. Death of John the Baptist
Name some expressionist composers and their operas
Schonberg–Er Wartung. Berg–Lulu. Weill–Threepenny Opera, Street Scene
Who believed in the term “Zeitoper”? What does it mean?
Kurt Weill. “Opera of the times”
With what librettist did Weill team up?
What was the second home to opera?
Name two French composers who contributed to opera
Rameau and Lully
Gluck’s contributions to opera?
(classical period) Abandoned elaborate vocals. Support drama
The Operatic capital of Europe in the 19th century?
What is Grand Opera?
French style, lavish. Big casts, orchestras. After fall of Napoleon.
Meyerbeer’s contribution to opera?
Jewish German composer. Popular (like andrew lloyd weber). Wrote Robert le Diable. Style: Grand opera
The chief composer of Opera Lyrique
Gounod’s famous opera? Its plot?
Faust–man getting old sells soul to devil
Another opera by Gounod
Romeo & Juliet
Carmen is an example of
Opera comique
Carmen was first produced where?
Opera Comique in Paris
Bizet wrote___?
Bizet pre-cursor to what Italian type of opera?
Opera verismo
Jules Massenet’s influence in opera?
French melodist. High passion, sensitive to women
Debussy’s opera? His contributions?
Pelleas et Melisande. Impressionism, pentatonic, whole tone, chromatic, asian sound
Ravel’s contributions to opera? What opera did he write?
French. Span. style, influenced by Freud. Wrote “L’enfant et les sortileges”
Poulenc wrote what opera with an all-female cast?
Dialogue of the Carmelites
John Gay’s contribution? His opera? His style?
English. The Beggar’s opera. Style: Ballad opera based on Singspiel
What opera is a scathing satire on the genre? Who wrote it?
Beggar’s opera by John Gay
Arne is known for what kind of opera?
Ballad operas
What was the camerata florentine?
A group of artists and intellectuals in the 16th century who wanted to revive greek drama
What was the first opera ever written? Who wrote it?
Daphne by Renocini
Monteverdi’s contributions?
Started towards our current track. Orch. matched mood. Real people as subjects.
Recatative secco
Harpsichord, continuo
Cross between aria, rec. Accomp. by orch
Handel’s contributions?
Orchestration, bel canto, myth. characters
Name an opera by Purcell
Dido & Aeneas
Two important cities for early opera in Italy
Venice, Naples
What sets apart Opera Comique?
Who are the bel canto composers?
Handel, Donizetti, Rossini, Bellini
Name an opera by Rossini
Barber of Seville
Name an opera by Donizetti
Don Pascuali
Name an opera by Verdi
Aida, La Traviata
Name an opera by Puccini
Madame Butterfly, La boheme
Who wrote opera verismo?