Epitaph of Seikilos

Song (epigram)

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First Century C.E.


Euripides (ca. 485 – ca. 406 B.C.E.)

Greek tragedy

408 B.C.E.

Mass for Christmas Day:

Introit:  Puer natus est nobis

Mass for Christmas Day:


Mass for Christmas Day:


Mass for Christmas Day:

Gradual:  Viderunt omnes

Mass for Christmas Day:

Alleluia:  Dies sanctificatus

Mass for Christmas Day:


Mass for Christmas Day:

Offertory:  Tui sunt caeli

Mass for Christmas Day:


Mass for Christmas Day:

Agnus Dei

Mass for Christmas Day:

Communion:  Viderunt omnes

Mass for Christmas Day:

Ite, missa est

Chants from Vespers for Christmas Day

Antiphon:  Tecum principium


Psalm:  Dixit Dominus

Chants from Vespers foro Christmas Day

Hymn:  Christe Redemptor omnium

Victimae paschali laudes

Ascribed to Wipo of Burgundy (ca. 995 – ca. 1050)


First half of the Eleventh Century

Tropes on Puer natues:  Quem queritis in presepe

and Melisma

Texted trope (liturgical drama) and untexted trope

Late Tenth Century

Ordo virtutum:

Chorus, In principio omnes

Hildegard of Bingen (1098 – 1179)

Sacred music drama

ca. 1151

Can vei lauzeta mover

Bernart de Ventadorn (ca. 1130 – ca. 1200)

Canso (troubadour song)

ca. 1170-80

A chantar

Comtessa de Dia (fl. late twelfth to early thirteenth century)

Canso (troubadour song)

Second Half of the Twelfth Century

Jeu de Robin et de Marion:

Rondeau, Robins m’aime

Adam de la Halle (ca. 1240 – 1288)

Musical play

ca. 1284


(Nu alrest lebe ich mir werde)

Walther von der Vogelweide (ca. 1170 – ca. 1230)


ca. 1228

Cantiga 159, Non sofre Santa Maria,

from;Cantigas de Santa Maria

Cantiga (song)

ca. 1270-90

La quarte estampie royal,

from;Le manuscrit du roi


Late Thirteenth Century

Alleluia Justus ut palma,

from;Ad organum faciendum

Alleluia in free organum

ca. 1100

Jubilemus, exultemus

Versus in Aquitanian polyphony

Early Twelfth Century

Viderunt omnes

Leonin (fl. ca. 1150s-ca. 1201)

Organum duplum

Second Half of the Twelfth Century

Clausulae on;Dominus,

from;Viderunt omnes

Substitute clausulae

Late Twelfth or Early Thirteenth Century

Viderunt omnes

Perotin (fl. late twelfth and early thirteenth centuries)

Organum quadruplum

Late Twelfth or Early Thirteenth Century

Ave virgo virginum


Late Twelfth or Early Thriteenth Century

Motets on Tenor;Dominus


Thirteenth Century

De ma dame/Dieus, comment parroie/Omnes

Adam de la Halle (ca. 1240-?1288)


ca. 1260s-1280s

Sumer is icumen in


ca. 1250

In arboris/Tuba sacre fidei/ Virgo sum

Philippe de Vitry (1291-1361)


ca. 1320

La Messe de Nostre Dame: ;Kyrie

Guillaume de Machaut

Mass (Mass Ordinary cycle)

ca. 1364

Rose, liz, printemps, verdure

Guillaume de Machaut (ca. 1300-1377)


Mid-Fourteenth Century