Where is the Global Control located?
In the middle of the console, between the channel faders.
What does "Link" do on the global master module?
It will link faders and mutes (pairing faders)
Pressing "Run" on global master module before mix does what?
it will blink when receiving time-code (playing)
What is the computer program that runs & saves automation called?
"Flying Faders"
What is the "Labels" secion used for?
It is used to make and show markers for song parts
What are "safety nets" and safety for?
Local Zero, Zeo are for?
What are the 3 modes of Flying Faders?
RSI (Ready, Isolate, & Safety)
What is "Ready" similar to?
Absolute on the SSL
Where is your "Ram" located, and what is it called.

"Mix Ram" Is located on the bottom left of the menu.


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(how much ram you have left, if it runs low it will crash- rarely happens) 

What does the "Other" key do?

toggles SET MASTER CONTROL, Trim (brings up fader trim window), & Graph


*trim is most used 

What are "Glide Times?"

How fast it moves back after touch automation


fastest is 1 fram, slowest is 999 frams.


(there are 30 frams in a sec) 

What are the 2 different types of automation?

Mix & Pass


Mix- being static

pass- being any given take of automation move 

What do you use the +/- keys on the global master section for?

To go back in passes


*each time it will create a new mix


ex. (mix 2, pass 1) 

Where is the status located and what does it do?

At the bottom right hand corner


Toggles on and run & start and stop 

How do you setup Pro tools to sync with the flying faders?

1) Open Session Setup (Apple-2)

2) Time Code Rate: 30fps

3) Activate online (press apple-J) 

What is timecode Drop? 
drops a frame ever so often
What are the options of timecode rate in flying faders?

24 (American film)

25 (european film)

30 drop (color TV)

30 (Black & White Tv)


What needs to be selected in order for flying faders to sync with pro tools?
30 (non drop) in flying faders
What are the 3 types of automation?
Ready, Safe, Isolate
What is ready mode similar to?
PT launch in normal mode: the lights on the channel strip tell you where the previous pass automation was.
What will Match and record do?
What does Solo Off do?
works on the top of the fader only & not on the channel
Groups work off of__________
Master channel
Where is the transport control located?

on the consol


(not in use here at SAE) it is used with tape machines. 

What is the fader RECORD button used for?

toggles between touch record and lock record for the fader.



What are the match LEDs used for?
Shows the direction needed to move the fader in order to return it to the Play pass position. They are also used for Group and Link interrogation.