what region are the iroquois “gadasjots” from?

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what is their dance called?

1. eastern woodlands

2. quiver dance (stomp dance)

the iroquois use ___________ patterns, consisting of only _________ pitches.

1. 2 basic patterns

2. three pitches

What kind of texture do the iroquois use?
antiphony between leader and male chorus
the iroquois use a __________ timbre than the Sioux.
the iroquois use a ___________ at the end of phrases.
The Zuni Lullaby is from what part of the country?
southwestern desert
what kind of texture does the zuni lullaby use?
the zuni lullaby uses a _______ rhythm.
the zuni lullaby uses _______ pitches.
only two
the zuni lullaby uses a collection of ____________.
pet names
What is the largest native american tribe in the US?
the navajo (dine)
the navajo (dine)  are primarily in what states?
new mexico, arizona, colorado, and utah
the navajo yeibichai use what kind of pitch?
tetranic w. consistent use of tonic pitch
the navajo yeibichai use a _________ duple.
the timbre of the navajo yeibichai is between the _____________ and ____________.
sioux and iroquois
How would you describe the phrases of the navajo yeibichai?
relatively short and repetitive
what is the term usesd to describe the navajo yeibichai vocable pattern used to call forth ancestors?
call of the yei
what is the name of the navajo circle dance?
the navajo circle dance “shizhane’e” is; ________ than ghost dance style.
how would you describe the navajo circle dance “shizhane’e”?

a mixture of vocables and translatable text

sung in navajo humorous use of puns

Ndaa Song
a song and dance which is taken from the traditional ceremonial repertoire and performed in an informal, social setting