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Abbott Darrell Lance(Diamond Darrell or Dimebag Darrell)

born:August 20,1966 in Arlington,TX


 American hard rock band rooted in a blues-base.

formed in Boston Mass.Nicknamed-The Bad Boys

members: Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton, Steven Tyler, Joey Kramer and Ray Tabano. Ray Tabano was replaced by Brad Whitford. Signed to Columbia records in 1972. By the end of the 70’s they had aquired a following of fans, referred to as the “Blue Army”.



Allen Richard Cyril
born:November 1,1963 in Dronfield,UK

rock band formed in 1970 by Gerry Beckley,Dewey Bunnell and Dan Peek

Anselmo Philip Hansen (the kid)

born:Jume 30,1968 in New Orleans,LA

best known as the former lead singer of Pantera, now the frontman for DOWN.

an american thrash metal band formed in 1981

Bad Company


Beckley Gerald Linford

born:September 12,1952 in Fort Worth,TX

born to an American father and English mother


began playing the piano at age three and the      guitar shortly after that

Benatar Pat

Born: January 10th, 1953 (Brooklyn,NY)

Blackmore Richard Hugh  aka Ritchie Blackmore

born:April 14,1945

Blue Oyster Cult   aka- Soft White Underbelly

1967- present

Bowie David
B:David Robert Jones Jan.8,1947
Buckingham Lindsey Adams
born:October 3,1949 in Palo Alto,CA
Bunnell Lee Dewey
born:January 19,1952 in Harrogate,Yorkshire – ENG

Burrell Raymond       aka Boz Burrell

born:August 1,1946 Holbeach

Carpenter Karen 

Clapton Eric Patrick

born:March 30,1945 Ripley,UK

joined the Yardbirds in 1963

Clark Stephen Maynard
born:April 23,1960 in Hillsborough,Sheffield,UK
Coverdale David
born:September 22,1951 in Saltburn-by-the-sea,UK
Daltrey Roger Harry
born:March 1,1944 Hammersmith,London UK best known as the founder and lead singer of the Who
Dimebag Daryl

Davies Ray 

Daltrey Roger

born:March 1,1944

Kikki Dee

Dimucci Dion Francis
born:July 18,1939
Downes Geoffrey
born:August 25,1952 in Stockport,UK
Ellefson David Warren
born: November 12, 1964
Ferry Bryan
born:September 26,1945
Fogerty John Cameron
born:May 28,1945 in Berkeley,CA
best known as the lead singer and guitarist for CCR

Fossen Steve
original bassist and co-founder of Heart
Frampton Peter Kenneth
born:April 22,1950

An English rock band formed in London in 1968, best known for their 1970 signature song “All Right Now”.They disbanded in 1973.


Lead singer: Paul Rodgers Paul Kossoff Andy Fraser Simon Kirke

Gowan Lawrence Henry
born:November 22,1956 in Glasgow,UK
Guthrie Arlo Davey
born:July 10,1947 Coney Island,NY
Halford Robert John Arthur
born:August 25,1951
Hansen Kelly
born:April 18,1961
Haynes Jr. Cornell Iral (aka)Nelly
born:November 2,1974 in Austin,TX

Billie Holiday

Gaynor Hopkins
born: June 8, 1951
aka: Bonnie Tyler
Howe Stephen James
born:April 8,1947 in Holloway,North London
Hutchence Michael Kelland John
born:January 22,1960 in Sydney, Australia founding mmbr. and lead singer for INXS(1977-1997)

Joel Billy 

Jones Michael Leslie
born:December 27,1944 English guitarist,songwriter and record producer
Kay John
born:April 12,1944 in Sovetsk,Russia
King Crismon

Lauper Cyndi 

Lisa Nicole Lopes
born:May 27,1971 in Philadelphia,PA

Love Darlene

Born:July 26th, 1941

Mahoney Edward Joseph
born:March 21,1949 in Brooklyn,NY
Nesta Robert Marley
born: February 6,1945 (Nine Mile, Jamaica)
Matchbox 20
American soft rock band formed in Orlando 1995.
Members: Matt Beck,Kyle Cook,Paul Doucette,Rob Thomas and Brian Yale
Miller Jr. William Henry Marcus
born:June 14,1959 in Brooklyn,NY

Moore Sam 

Born: Oct.12,1935 in Miami Florida

  Motley Crue

Founders: Nikki Sixx(guitarist) and Tommy Lee(drummer)


Mott the Hoople
Mustaine David Scott
born: September 13,1961 his parents divorced when he was only 4 yrs. old

Orbison Roy 

Osbourne Ozzy 

Palmer Carl Frederick Kendall
born:March 20,1950 in Handsworth,West Midlands
Panozzo Charles Salvatore aka Chuck
born:September 20,1948 in Chicago,IL best known for being the bass player for STYX

Pantera (Cowboys from Hell)

formed in 1981 by the Abbott brothers,Vinnie Paul,Dimebag Darrell and Terry Glaze. 

Pinfield Matt
born:May 28,1966 in E.Brunswick Twshp.,NJ
Ralphs Michael Geoffrey(aka)Mick Ralphs
born:March 31,1944 Hereford,UK

Reed Lou

Rodgers Paul Bernard
born:December 17,1949 in Middlesbrough,UK

Seeger Pete 

born:May 3,1919 in Patterson,NY

Shaw Tommy Roland 

born:September 11,1953 in Montgomery,Ala


Simmons Gene

born:August 25,1949 in Tirat Carmel,Israel

parents:Feri Witz and Flora Klein

Simon Carly 

Southern Rock
music created from blending Rock’n’Roll with Country and Blues

Springsteen Bruce 

Tallarico Steven Victor (aka) Steven Tyler

born:March 26,1948


Thin Lizzy
first Irish Rock band formed in 1969 in dublin, Ireland.
members:Brian Downey Phil Lynott Scott Gorham John Sykes
Thomas Robert Kelly
born: February 14,1972

Townshend Peter Dennis Blandford 

born:May 19,1945

Turner Tina 

Anna Mae Bullock born:Nov.26,1939
Twisted Sister
created in Long Island, NY in 1971


Vannelli Gino

born:June 16,1952
Tionne Tenese Watkins
born:April 26,1970 in Des Moines,IA
Wetton John Kenneth
born:June 12,1949 in Willington,Derbyshire
Wiedlin Jane Marie Genevieve
born: May 29, 1958 – Oconomowoc,WI best known as Rhythm guitarist for all female band The Go-Go’s
Wilson Ann Dustin
born:June 19,1950 in San Diego,CA
Wilson Nancy Lamoreaux
born:March 16,1954 in San Francisco,CA

The Tubes

San Francisco based rock band(originating from Phoenix as 2 separate bands)


an English based rock band formed in London in 1971. Original members include Roger Earl, Dave Peverett, Rod Price and Tony Stevens