Brief History of Brazil:


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1500- 1822: a colony of 1.__________.


2.__________ slavery: key factor in transatlantic trade in sugar and gold.

1.  Portugal.

2.  African.

Brief History of Brazil:



1822: Independence from 1.__________.

1888: Abolition of slavery.

1889: Founding of Republic of 2.__________.


1.  Portugal


2.  Brazil

Between the 16th and 19th centuries, slaves were brought to Brazil from Africa, mainly 1.___________ and 2.__________.

1.  Congo


2.  Angola

Capoeira Brief History:

1888: Slaves Freed From Brazil.

Slaves formed 1._________ communities.

1892: Capoeira outlawed in Brazil


Capoeiristas punished by authorities.


Capoeira circles: 1._________ societies


Members: new names, “2.__________”



1.  Secret


2.  “baptized”

Capoeira Elements:


1.___________ arts rooted in music and dance.


two people (2._____) fight in a circle.



1.  martial  


2.  men

Capoeira elements:


Musicians and players each fulfill certain roles


Capoeira as a 1.__________.

1.  lifestyle

Berimbau and Caxixi


1._________ (capoeira instruments)


2._________ (Capoeria circle)


Percussion instruments lead action.


1.  bateria


2.  roda